Monday, March 8, 2010

Bucky's in the Lounge

Hi. Bucky here. I sometimes like to hang out in the coat closet next to the vacuum. I get a good view of all the goings on.  I sleep very heavily, and I get very startled if woken up.  I make noises and look all around.  I don't hear the vacuum or anything else apparently.  I've heard the lady talk to the man about this and they both think that I'm deaf, whatever that means.
Here I am sound asleep.
Here I am just woken up by somone.
Happy Monday!


  1. Hello dear friends!
    wow Bucky I think you are brave because I'm always afraid of that vacuum.
    Glad to see you fine and CATsome.After the stress with that flash box, enjoy your nap again okay!
    You are so sweet in that second shot!
    purrs and love

  2. Poor Bucky just got woken up, how sweet!! Great picture. You are very brave near the sucky thing.

  3. You must be either very brave or deaf to sleep next to the vacuum. My sis Sydney won't even go in the same room where the vacuum is when it is off!

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  4. Bucky, those photos of you are wonderful. Are you really deaf or partially deaf? Or are you just brave?

  5. Hi Bucky!
    You are very brave, I am a big doggie and I HATE the vacuum cleaner.
    I hope you are not deaf, maybe you are just a sound sleeper.
    You are very cute!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  6. Howdy Doody Bucky!!! You are so cute. Maybe you're just a FURRY sound sleeper! And we MOL'd at the picture of you rudely awakened! Sleep well Bucky!

  7. Peanut speaking, at our house I am the only brave one when the vacuum comes on. Scaredy cat Marshmellow hides and the dogs are up on the bed usually till the whole sucking things up off the floor is over! Me? I like to watch I am that kind of ManCat.
    Our mama sends special love to Bucky.and to you for making his life happy. We all hope he is doing well.

    Me Peanut, sends all my luv's to my Lucy.
    Marshmellow sends paw shakes and the dogs send woofs to all.


  8. You just need a personal groomer to smooth out your fur before photos ^,,^

  9. Jim hates the vacuum cleaner and runs away, and Chestnut does not care, or even play with it!
    I love the picture with Buck just awaken..eyes are so heavy to open, huu?..Hugs!

  10. I hope that vacuum cleaner is shut off. I'm so scared of it. I always hide when it comes out.

    Purrs from Gotchi

  11. LOL
    Just woken is the best shot !!!
    Sooooooooooo cute and lovely :-)

    Bearhug for lucy
    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  12. I don't know, Bucky, if you can hear the lady and man talk you are probably not deaf! ;) However, I know that the older we all get, the worse our hearing is, and we even sleep heavier. So maybe that is just what is going on. I love the photos! You are looking pretty good!

  13. Bucky, I am delighted to see you in the lounge today. Its nice to learn more about you. I don't pay any attention to the vacuum cleaner but on occasion if my mom leaves it out I will bark at it and pretend to attack it. My mom laughs over it. Gosh, its nice that you can sleep well. You look like you fit just perfect beside the vacuum cleaner.

  14. I don't think you are deaf Bucky, I think you are the bravest cat around. My kitty brothers don't like that loud thing. I chase it all over the place. You and I aren't afraid -- are we?

  15. Bucky, you are very smart. Keep playing that deaf routine. You can learn a lot of family secrets that way. They can call to you and you don't have to come. The humans will make the other cats be nice to you since you can't hear your siblings plotting to beat you up. You are very clever to have thought that one up.

  16. Hi Bucky! It's amazing that you don't wake up when the sucking monster is on! We run just at the sight of it!!!

  17. Is that a coat closet or a CAT closet? I think you should claim it as your own. You need your space, don't you? *hugs*

  18. Oh Bucky, you are so brave! My Twylah is scared of the vacuum cleaner. Every time we use it, she would hide under the bed!

    ou look so cute curled up!


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