Friday, February 26, 2010

Who's the Boss?

Yesterday Mama was leading a conference call (she works from home). I jumped in her lap and blocked her view to her computer. All she had to do was make sure my bowl was full of crunchies before she got on the call.  I'm pretty sure she's learned her lesson.

Happy Friday!


  1. Next time she'll be sure to take care of all your needs and whims FIRST!!

  2. BEFORE to read the post and to see the picture, I WAS SURE of the answer! Ü

    Your new banner is great!
    have a nice week-end!

  3. Well done dear Lucy!
    :) Cute picture my sweet friend.You did well showing mommy that she needs to pay attention to you! :)
    But mommy needs also to work to buy great treats for you and your brothers! Think of it! It's a deal! :)
    Have a nice Friday!

  4. My mom has a conference call this morning too. As soon as she gits on the call the doorbell will ring with kids wanting to shubbul snow and all 3 of us will has to woof our fool heds off. So mom putted a big note on the door wot says "thanx but we not be needing no shubbeling." She is such a pawty pooper.

  5. Good for you, Lucy. I mean, conference call or no conference call, your needs come first!

    P.S. We like your new header photo!

  6. Hi my name is Remington! I just found your blog. It is really cool. I hope we can be friends! I try to get in front of Beth on the computer too but I am too big....

  7. Guess you showed her! :)She won't make that mistake again. Samething happens around here, it is important to make a statement at the most appropriate time so they do not forget!

  8. Jasmine will do that to our Dad .. he comes home and does those late evening talks .. she helps him type ^,,^

  9. Hi Lucy,
    It's very important that our beans know who is in charge at all times!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)
    I like your new header, it's!

  10. Lucy, did you ever think your Mom's conference call might be providing that crunchy food in your bowl? Perhaps you should have practiced patience until she was off the phone. From the looks of you I'd say you are not starving.

  11. Hi Lucy,
    Our mama's need to learn a lesson now and then. You did a good job showing who's boss.

    I send purrs, hugs, and kisses to you.

    From your

  12. Hi Lucy
    Love your cute face today
    you are looking so serious .... LOL
    Your Mama gives you all you need !!!
    Be sweet for your mama please..

    Hugs Love Kareltje =^.^=

  13. Hi Lucy

    I like to do that too..then I like to start poking my nose in everything on her desk and after that, I throw a few of my hairs on her computer so she doesn't forget me. If all that doesn't work, I sit RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER and just stare at her until she can't take it anymore and either gives me lots of cuddles or give me so food! Mom is such a good slave..I've trained her well!! If you need any help with that, just let me know cuz I am like a serious expert on slave training!! I'm over at Weezdabadcats and we is da bad and my 'sister' Tiny. If you need tips on how to be tough, you can talk to Tiny..she is muscles around our house.

  14. Oh Lucy, you are definitely a formidable presence! If I was your mom I would jump over hoops to make sure you were always satisfied and full. But, you must be sure to always give her lots of loves back! Hope you and the gang have a nice, warm and sunny weekend.

  15. You are so cute Lucy. Yeah, we have to make sure you've got a full stack. But sometimes, mama needs your understanding.

  16. I certainly hope she learned her lesson! You're one smart kitty for coming up with that technique, too!


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