Monday, February 15, 2010

Special Delivery to Peanut's House

Peanut made me a Valentine. Isn't that the sweetest?  I've never had a Valentine before. I'm now trying to mail myself to his house.  Mama says just because I'm on a stamp doesn't mean the US Postal Service is going to actually send me.  Well, a girl has got to try, doesn't she?  Mama is just afraid I won't come back (word is Peanut has an endless supply of Fancy Feast). OK, if I can't send myself, I want to send him a fishy head. Mama says I might give Iris (Peanut's mommy) a heart attack.  Nothing is working out today. I'm sorry, Peanut!


  1. It's the thought that counts, Lucy. I'm sure Peanut will understand! :-)

  2. Silly Lucy! I am sure Peanut will love the picture!

  3. Oh Peanut will love the picture almost as much as the real thing, Lucy!

  4. Hi Lucy
    I think Peanut will love this :-)
    I like it very much you are so sweet
    on this picture !!!
    I want also a letter from you
    with your stamp
    on it !!!!
    ((hugs)) Kareltje =^.^=

  5. Lucy, me is meowing strange sounds, because I so happy. Even though you can't come in the mail, it was our dream to think about. I thinks I am in love.
    If you were here, I would give you all the fancy feasts that your sweet kitty heart desires.

    I think you more pretty in every picture. I am howling again. I don't think I ever made this sound before. Mama smiles and said Lucy did something to my hormones. :-)
    Mama and I send kisses and hugs to you.

    Mama's going to copy the stamp and put it on sidebar so I can see it every day.
    I send big thank you's Lucy.

    Your manly boyfriend Peanut
    and his Mama.

    A fish head would please me, but
    mama would have to hold her nose for sure.

  6. Lucy dat is a pawsome way to send yerself but we fink teleportation is much easier AND it doesnt mess up the furs. Has yoo tried a teleportation device, we may has a few extra hangin 'round here if yoo want.

  7. Lucy you're always wonderful, but what's with the ears this morning? What kind of statement is that?

  8. You did your best with great ideas.. But the world does not understand you! Don't worry, Peanuts won't stop loving you! Who could?...Ü

  9. I think my mom would faint if I got a kitty or a fishie head in the mail... *snickers*

    Happy Valentine's Day, Lucy!

  10. Peanut will love that picture - who wouldn't?

  11. What a sweetie Peanut is! You look lovefurly on that stamp! King wanted to send a Valentine to you too, BUT his plan was foiled by the 'beans being away this weekend! We ALL hope you have a PURRific Day!

  12. I am sure something will work out! That is a very pretty photo of you Lucy!!

  13. But Lucy, if you sended yourself to Peanut you mom would miss you and be so very sad and I think you would miss you mom too. You would both has broken hearts. I think you better stay home.

  14. Wow Lucy, you are a super-star! To be on a stamp is wonderful and you should be so proud! Too bad about not being able to go to Peanut's and have an endless supply of Fancy Feast but your beans would sure miss you and I bet you would miss them and the boys just as much. Besides, its too cold to be out and about!

  15. Oh Lucy, you are so photogenic!

  16. Wow Lucy, you are very looking cute, yet sexy!!! Peanut must be so thrilled to have you there!!

  17. Hi Lucy,
    Peanut is going to love that picture for sure!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  18. Dear Lucy,I liked a lot this wonderful stamp, what a cute idea!Your friend Peanut is really gentle!


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