Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Puzzle Me This

Where is the mouse?
Where is the cream?
Where is the hearth where one like me can dream?

I am just a cat
But a cat with dreams
Of flowers and mice and warm sunbeams

So please will you tell me
Why when I wake
There are two orange brothers
And no mice for cat's sake?


  1. Hi Lucy

    My Mommy would love it to make a puzzle from you
    So creative idea , I love it !!!!
    Your poem is so lovely
    wonderful lines written ....
    your mama can make cute poems ;)
    Have a nice day
    and thank you
    (I love it when you are dreaming about me...)

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  2. The mice are outside
    The cream in the fridge
    The two orange brothers
    Say that’s how it is

  3. Bravo dear Lucy!
    This post is magnificent.I loved this cute poem and your picture today is adorable.
    Very creative post dear Vicki!
    I would love to dream of mice and brothers.But I think your brothers are playing right now with your little mice! :)
    purrs and love
    Luna and mommy Léia

  4. Well done, Lucy! And we love the puzzle photo effect. Very cool.

  5. Hi Lucy,
    I love your poem and you make a wonderful puzzle.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  6. You are a kitty kat poet ^,,^

  7. Wow -- great job! You're such the poet.

  8. What a poet you are. It is wonderful. Lucy you are so pretty and your mama is one very talented lady.

    We send hugs to all
    From Boo-Bahs Little Sunshines

  9. What fun! Love the poem, it's great.

  10. What a cute poem, and Mama's been creative too!

  11. Oh my, this is so neat Lucy! I really like it.

  12. Lucy...we love your poem!! You definitely deserve some mice!!

  13. Great poem. We'll send some mice!

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  14. That would be a great way to pass the time on a cold Winter's Eve!


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