Monday, February 22, 2010

Mancat Monday

Bucky and Simba aren't really friends, but we were able to capture them together on a rare, playful day a few months ago. I was looking back on some pictures when we first got Bucky and he was so playful. I have been having a hard time getting him to play lately. It seems like he wants to but then he just sits there. Anyway, both these orange guys are fun to have in our household.


  1. The second one in the stairs seems to predict some storm between the two guys..A good thing that you add a feminine touch of sweetness in this little world!

  2. Our mom understands! There's no love lost between Annie and Nicki and there are "storms" every day in our house! Personally, I'm a lover not a fighter and can't understand what all the fuss is about.


  3. They are so adorable, good brothers!
    I liked a lot the first shot, a fabulous perspective.Your place is so adorable and cozy dear Vicki!
    Have a blessed week
    Good energies to your work
    Love and beautiful colours to brighten your kitties,
    Léia and little Luna

  4. Oh no...sorry to hear Bucky has not been as playful. I hope it will pass. A couple of handsome guys there.

  5. They are both so beautiful orange kitties.

  6. I'm not real sure which is which, but my favorite is the one in the third picture. Is that Bucky?

  7. As mom always says, "As long as there be no blood, all is well..." In udder werds, you doesn't has to like each udder, just don't kill each udder.

    The park peeples emailed mom this morning to ask if'n I woz OK when they gotted mom's message about the bridge. Wozn't that awfully nice of them? They sayed they will get rite on that bridge thing.

  8. Maybe it comes with getting older. Peanut and Marshmellow don't play together nearly as often as they used to. They sleep cuddled up together and bathe each other but not even that nearly as often. Marshmellow picks on Peanut sometimes. When they were younger Peanut was the bully.

    After Buckys fluid feedings is he peppier than usual? He might not have the energy to play. I know Mr. Sunshine would sleep more than usual.
    Simba and Bucky are both beautiful. I love orange cats.

    I am so glad that you continue to care for Bucky. He was so lucky the day your husband found him.

    Peanut sends hugs to Lucy. Marshmellow is mortified that I caught him yawning and took the picture :-)


  9. We know what that's about! Shade and Banshee really do not like each other at all!

  10. Orange cats are always cute and lovely
    just like me meow..meow..
    we are playing only when we want it :-)

    Hugs from your pal Kareltje =^.^=

    (Hugs & Love for Lucy
    Kareltje =^.^= )

  11. Love the first picture where 4 curious eyes stare back at you.

  12. Hi-ya Lucy!
    Just make sure those mancats know who's boss! You gotta keep them in line.

    Thanks for visiting my blog during the Cat-O-Lympics! It was a super fun week. Now that it's come to a close, I'm going to start training as a Power Napper.

    (Glogirly's Olympian Cat)

  13. Bucky sounds like Wally...Wally will start playing and then he'll just sit back and watch...must be an orange thing...

  14. I really like the first photo, those eyes!! The cats are certainly beautiful and I do hope they know for sure who is the boss in that household!!

  15. Your brother's are handsome Lucy! We think Kovu is bored. He has been running around like crazy, and scratching at the patio door, but when Tara tries to take him out on his leash, he runs back inside. He is silly, and noisy!


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