Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hi friends. We are very happy it's the weekend!  Mama is making cookies today because she saw Iris, Peanut's mom, making cookies and they looked good.

Yesterday, Mama went to the vet to buy a 12-pack of fluid bags and special food for Bucky.  For all the money that is spent on him, I could have a lifetime of catnip and fishy heads.  Bucky has been bullying me lately. He bites me so he can have my sleeping spot.  It happens all the time, no matter where I am, and Mama is not happy about it. I haven't been sleeping in the bed with her because Bucky is there.

I feel I must explain why there is a white wire that is always in my pictures.  It's Mama's cable cord. It run through the house, from the modem to her computer in the dining room where she works.  It's a very rinky-dink outfit around here.

I wish you all a very happy and fun weekend of doing what you like best.  I'd love to hear what's on your agenda. My agenda is filled with naps and foodies.



  1. As sun finally came back, the agenda will be a long walk tomorrow (sunday) morning, strolling and taking pictures.This afternoon, a lot of mail ("true" one, with paper and pen) and some cooking, in order not to have to cook tomorrow.
    Good old movies in the evenings, and tea around 5 p.m....As we say in France, an "enchanted parenthesis"..!
    Have a nice week-end too!

  2. The sun is out, and I'm sure my beans will be, too. (Mama is one of those people who get sad when there is no sun.) We cats will sleep in the sun on their bed.

  3. That is not nice of Bucky to goose you in the behind. You should clobber him in the hed when he does it. Like POW wif your paw. Mom wented to the store last night to buy snowshoos coz the order she placed woz cancelled coz they runned out of them. So we is going to try them out in the yard today afore taking them hiking tomorrow.

  4. Sometimes, it is fun with all the chaos in the house. Our Twylah is sooo lonely cuz she is home all day. But she has been so noisy and restless these past days because there's an outdoor cat from our neighbor and I think she likes him.

    Hmmm, we are thinking of getting another kitty....

  5. Lucy, you must take action against Bucky or he will become a bully. Sometimes that happens with kitties that have serious health issues (it happens with humans too).

    He needs to understand how lucky he is to have a nice home and stop bullying. You need to teach him his behavior is unacceptable. Pop him as hard as you can and scream at the top of your lungs. Your mom will come running to your aid and Bucky will be in big trouble,

  6. We just got our nails clipped and are now watching as the big floor cleaning machine was just put into action and is whirling over all of the tile in our house. That happens every so often around here. No sun, but we are also watching the water dripping down as it is just getting above freezing today. nice to Lucy!!

  7. Hi my sweety
    I have enjoyed the whole day from the sun
    It feels so good :-)
    I wish you could feel the warmmmmm sun !!!
    Don't worry about the cable cord
    I did not seen it ...... LOL
    Have all a wonderful weekend

    ((hugs)) Kareltje =^.^=

  8. Hey Lucy, that is too bad about being booted from bed by Bucky. I am so lucky as I get to sleep in my beans bed all the time! Course I am an only dog...but my mom said that when her three kids were really little they could climb in with her and snuggle in the mornings. Heck, I get to snuggle all the time. We went for a really long hike today and it was up a big hill and back down and my mom almost wiped out a few times on the ice. My dad found her a good walking stick and when she laid it down to take photos I attacked it and chewed on it really good. She took it away though. Anyhow, I have been sleeping ever since we got home, but when my dad opened a can of tuna whooosssshhhh....I was off the couch and out to the kitchen and became his best friend-again! Tomorrow I think my mom and I are going to just be lazy. Dad works all day so we can snooze as long as we want! Take care!

  9. Hi Lucy,
    That's not very nice of Bucky to bite you, I hope he stops.
    My agenda is kind of quiet, yesterday I ran errands with my beans, today I'm going to ride with Mom while she takes some pictures. She got a new camera and wants to try it out.
    Hope you have a nice day and tell Bucky to behave!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  10. Bucky you better behave yourself. Lucy might turn around and give it right back to you, one of these days.
    I bite my mama a lot but she understands it's my way of kissing.

    Since Marshmellow hurt Pearlene so badly a few months ago we have to stay apart from the dogs so we are free in the house when the dogs are in her room. When we are in the playroom the dogs come out. Mama tries to divide the hours out evenly between us.

    My favorite thing to do is to watch tv with mama and to be brushed. We did this a lot yesterday.

    Hugs to Lucy
    From Peanut

  11. Lucy, we're sorry Bucky is being mean to's probably because he lived outside for so long he doesn't know how to play nice with nice kitties like you!

    Hope you are enjoying your naps and foods!

  12. Have you seen the black cord in a lot of my pictures? It's my mom's cable cord! *snickers* She couldn't find a white one. Crazy humans. *rolls eyes*


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