Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Hello Lucy,Good Morning
    You are so beautiful and cute, bright eyes and sweet fur
    Have a comfortable and lazy day.
    Mounette from Florida

  2. Hello sweet Lucy!
    What are you thinking about?You look so concentrated!
    Adorable blanket and I bet is warm and comfortable for a great catnap!
    Beautiful post,
    purrs and love
    Luna - We love Luna

  3. Hiya Lucy! You're looking lovefurly as ever! We hope you have a GRRR-8 day!

    PS...King didn't realize you were kinda spoken for, so he wanted to say he still thinks you're purrty!

  4. Still looking for the catnip I see.... ;) We get it online or with toys. Maybe Santa will bring you some if you can hold out a little longer.

    Happy Holidays.

  5. You seem to be so wise ..Are you still dreaming about your catnip or your toys? Are you about to fall asleep?
    For us, the view of a smart cat in a comfortable place offers a zen moment.. Thank you!

  6. Hi Lucy, I finally got a chance to get on the computer. You look so comfy... I was comfy too, sleeping in the piles of folded laundry on Martha's bed... then Tara came in and scared me, now I'm bird watching... not sure where the squirrels are right now.

  7. Hi Lucy,

    I look so good in that picture, that bed looks really cozy and warm.

    Feline kisses from Gotchi

  8. The bed just seems to be the best place to be anymore!

  9. Oh Lucy, you are so lovely!

  10. Hi my sweetie
    Are you dreaming about me :-)
    I think so ....
    You are looking so cute today.
    Its snowing here it looks so funny
    all those little snow flocks!!!
    I send you many hugs
    Kareltje =^.^=

  11. What an imposing figure you pose Lucy! A most dramatic shot of you, what are you thinking? Me, I am thinking of how much longer will the snow be on the ground here, my feet don't like it!

  12. Hi Lucy, you look so cozy and comfy! We missed you for a while. You look so beautiful and I love your eyes staring at me!

    I hope you get a lot of goodies this Christmas.

  13. You're looking quite lovely there, Lucy!


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