Saturday, December 26, 2009

It Was a Great Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday.  We did.  Mama made a big turkey dinner just for the five of us.  (We don't have any family in Pennsylvania.) It was so good!

Then we got some catnip presents. 

It was a wonderful day!

What kinds of presents and food did you all have?


  1. Lucy, I'm glad you got catnip for Christmas. Kovu is having fun playing with his in the bag, we haven't even opened it for him yet! Is Bucky enjoying his catnip, and Simba too? The snow is almost melted. I'm sad.

    You are looking very diva like in that last picture.

    We had ham!

  2. You look like you is rilly enjoying your noms! I had some turkey too wot was in the Merricks Turducken. We don't has fambly here either so mom doesn't cook for howlidays.

  3. Oh sweet Lucy, wonderful pictures!Cute gifts!:)
    The important thing you all are fine and together with much love!
    Well here mommy prepared a dinner too but today will be the very special dinner for us because my brother is coming from Brazil and in few hours he will be here with us at home!So that, dad said today is the day for all hugs , smiles, kisses ( maybe tears of joy) and much love!
    We are very happy.God bless our lives with love, health,peace and wonderful friends like you and your adorable family!

  4. I like every of those pictures but the two last are really great!
    Jim has got prawns for Christmas, he can become mad to get some!!
    I'm glad you had all a good day together!

  5. We gots treats and sum fever butt toys, we did not get to share the moms ham dinner. Yer turkey sounded furry nommy!!


  6. That last picture is wonderful, you must have had a wonderful time.

  7. Lucy, you look like you're smiling in that last picture!! We love your Hello Kitty nip toy too!!

  8. My parents went to a family gathering and big breakfast, leaving me home! Then they came home and left AGAIN to go to friends home for turkey dinner, came home and plopped down, moaning something about being so full....But they did get me some wicked cool dogbones and my sister bought me a new stuffed dog bone. Oh, and my dog cousin Molly sent me a stuffed toy! I got my own mail, the envelope was addressed to me! How neat is that??

  9. Hi Lucy,
    I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas. Mom made roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, it smelled really yummy and I had a little bit mixed in my dog food...the beef not the pudding!
    I got a new bone and my kitty sisters got catnip mice.
    It was a nice quiet day.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  10. Hi Lucy
    You have received so many presents :-)
    I love also GOOD catnip it smells so yummie..
    My diner was a fresh piece of salmon
    it was so DELICIOUS mmmmmmmmm....

    At my place where many visitors
    and my Mommy was always stressing
    (thats my Mommy ..... LOL)
    In Dutch they celebrate also second Xmas day
    we had two days many food
    I think we eat today nothing ;)
    My belly is so .......
    I think I go next year again on diet!!!! :(
    We see .....
    I hope our friendship willgrow in 2010
    Your friend
    hugs love
    Kareltje =^.^=


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