Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mystery Part 2

Remember the strange thing that came into my life yesterday when I was asleep?  Well, I heard "Merry Christmas" when it appeared, so I figured that it's not so bad afterall.  Maybe it's some sort of Christmas present.

It could be a chin rest...

...or a Christmas hat.

Whatever it is, I love it because I think my mama gave it to me.


  1. Oh Lucy you are so funny! I love your pictures, I couldn't pick a favorite. Your Mama sure must love you a lot to give you such a wonderful present.
    Happy Saturday.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  2. Those love eyes in the last picture made mom's heart melt. Too sweet!

  3. Oh Lucy, its a candy cane, and it is as sweet as you are!

    You look so graciuous every time I see you. Yeah, the flannel sheets sure could make you warm!

  4. That Mom of yours ...
    What a silly ..

    You do look cute though ...

    ** still trying to find a home for Beau Beau & Noni Noni. please stop by my blog & post about them on yours **

  5. This last picture is so lovely!There's a lot of love in all those pictures..

  6. oh my are so sweet dear Lucy!
    You are right , mommy gave it with lots of love!
    The last picture is outstanding, you really are so photogenic!
    purrs and love
    your friend

  7. What gorgeous photos of Lucy! Cute ideas for the candy cane.

  8. Very funny chin rest and hat, great expressions, my favorite is the last one. :)

  9. Hey Lucy, how about using it as a cane when you tap-dance? I dance around alot when I see a treat coming towards me in my mom or dad's hand and also when I need to go out....

  10. What a clever cat! You even did a self-portrait. And you're so clever with the camera! I'd like to be a cat in your house. I bet I'd have a great time!

  11. Hi Lucy
    sorry we are so late
    but my Mommy is so lazy :(
    I can tell you ,
    you are posing very well for the camera!!
    I don't like it always that flashbox.
    You photo's are so sweet special the last one
    Hugs & Love
    Kareltje =^.^=

  12. Lucy, you look so cute leaning on the candy cane! Kovu is having fun with the balloons that Tara blew up, but this morning, he broke one, and that kind of scared him (and me!) He is happy because with all the snow, the birds are coming up on the patio to eat since I cleared it of the snow and threw food out there!

    Happy Sunday to you, your Mama and James!

  13. Lucy,
    I have my money on the chin rest. Sometimes when your nappy or sleepy your head just gets so heavy... so this handsome chin keeper upper looks quite useful.

    Glolgirly loves your smile in the last photo!

    (Glogirly's cat)

  14. Oh Lucy! You are so silly wearing that on your head!! We think that's a candy cane 'cuz we gotta couple of those hanging on the tree and I'm trying to knock them off!


  15. MOL, I think it's definitely a chin rest, loved that picture, so funny.

    Feline kisses from Gotchi


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