Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Toesie Tuesday

I really want some catnip for Christmas, but Mama doesn't know where to get it.  She used to have a really good source, but that was years ago.  Do any of you know a web site that sells really good catnip toys?

Also, thanks for your concern about me hiding under the bed.  Just to let you know, I always go under the bed if the doorbell rings or anyone besides Mama or Papa comes in the house.  As soon as the stranger leaves, I come back out. I like what Katie calls her pet sitter: the smelly stranger.  Hee hee.


  1. Kovu (and Emmie and Cassie) love cat nip too. I usually buy it from the pet store, and they seem perfectly content with it's affects! When we pet sit for Emmie and Cassie we would give them some each visit.... they would roll and play and have such a good time.

    You look cute playing with your toes. Kovu is squirrel watching.... as usual.

  2. Oh sweet, I also like cat nip toys, but it's hard to find a good one.
    Anyway I prefer so much when mommy runs and play with me , and then I can catch her! It's cool!
    I loved your posing in this picture, you are adorable!
    purrs and love

  3. I have a hard time too with the nip toys. It's like it wears out in 2 days. What a wonderful picture of you.

  4. Hey there Lucy,
    Check out my catnip shop on Etsy. I use catnip from the health food shop, so it is extra clean and has a heck of a kick to it.


    Meow, Jana

  5. You are super cute!!! Mom gets some PAWesome catnip toys from PetSmart. You're looking so cute today!

  6. Hi Lucy,
    My Mom buys my kitty sisters catnip at a local store and they really like it! In our old house, Lilly used to hide in the bathtub when anyone stopped by.
    You look very cute in your picture.
    How is Simba and Bucky?
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  7. You look so cute ...

    ** please help me find a home for the boys .. stop by my blog and mention them on yours **

  8. dear Lucy, to be sulky to get something for Christmas is not the best way!You'd better hug your mama. And remember, the important is not the toy, but the person that takes time to play with you!

  9. Please you're back.
    Think you deserve some treats!

    Big Hug X

  10. Hi Lucy
    Here in our country we have yummie.... catnip
    Come to me and you can smell on it !!
    I love your position today
    Sooooooooo CUTE :-)

    Hugs Love
    Kareltje =^.^=

  11. We hide too, in the hole we dug in the new box spring. We are very happy that Bucky is doing good. Peanut sends kisses to Lucy.

    From your friends at
    Boo-Bahs Little Sunshines

  12. Hi ya, Lucy! You're very cute there...you look like you're trying to grab your toesies! Yeowww is a good catnip and they make great catnip toys! Tell your mom to googling yeowww and she should find you some good toys!!

  13. You've certainly got your toesies together! We agree on the Yeowwww nip. Parker has send us a nip naner and it's lip smacking good!

  14. Gosh Lucy, you are lucky to be able to reach your toesies! I have a hard time trying to get mine, Mom says its because my belly gets in the way! What does she know??


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