Monday, December 21, 2009

My First Snow

Hi there. This picture was taken Saturday morning. I know the picture isn’t very good, but Mama put me in the window sill so I could see my first real snowfall. The little car in front is our car. By the afternoon there was a lot more snow. On Sunday the beans had to brush all the snow off the car and shovel it so they could go on errands. I think I heard Mama muttering something about why they ever moved from California and Texas. She’s never had to shovel snow before.

Saturday afternnon something horrible happened. Papa decided that he had to take our pictures in the snow. They put us out on the balcony! I hated it!

She put that darned Christmas ruffle on me thinking that Papa would take my Christmas picture out there.

Bucky!  Let us in!!

What's the big deal about a little snow?

p.s. After the horror show was over, Mama raced me to the electric blanket where I stayed for the rest of the day.


  1. That heated blankie came in very handy. Your toesies must have been so cold! I do enjoy the snow outside but my sisfur Chilli acts all silly in it too and hunkers down after about ten minutes at max. That's when she has to come inside.
    Stay warm!
    Purrs, Siena

  2. Thank goodness there was an electric blanket to warm up on when you came in!
    Those photos are priceless.

  3. Brrrr... I wish it snowed here in Lisbon, but it never does. Just rain. :(

    Feline kisses from Gotchi

  4. Holy smokes! Mom thinks it's funny too, to throw us out in the snow and watch us become paralyzed! Humans are evil like that! We're glad you got to get the heaty blankie when you came in! BTW...we live in Greentown, half hour east of Scranton.

  5. New experiences are often a little scary, but you know all about the snow. Having that experience under your belt you can stay all warm inside and just try to catch some of the bigger flakes throught the window, like Fidget and Lemme. They are inside kitties.

    Some of the kitties here love to go outside in snow so deep, they can walk through paths of it, with no one evening knowing they are there.

  6. Oh no, Lucy! I bet your little feeties were cold on the snow. Thank goodness for the warm blankie.
    I don't mind the snow but I have lots of fur to keep me warm.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  7. ohmigod, we had the same experience dear Lucy!
    Last Saturday mommy Léia open the door and let me go to the balcony to try the snow and know about it because it's also new for me!'s a nightmare!I gave up at the first moment and mommy didn't have time to take a single shot from me there! Can you believe in it?
    It was so cold!And as you said a mess...because I had lots of hard work after it to clean my paws!
    By the way, I loved that fashion red lace!You are sooo adorable!
    Stay warm sweet Lucy!
    purrs and love
    We love Luna - Luna

  8. As it is a first time, you will never forget it!
    you're a sunny girl, even if you're soooo pretty with your santa's costume!

  9. You got more snow than us, Lucy...just a little bit more! But how cruel that you got thrown out there in it!! Mom did that to me once...she thought it was funny...but I did not! I do not like getting my feets wet and frozen!!

    I'm glad your mom came to her senses and let you both back in...and under the electric blanket!


  10. Lucy, how terrible. Papa was not a nice bean! Tara has been wanting to put Kovu in the snow but I will not let her. Princess loves it enough for both of them. Glad you had a warm blankie!

  11. We have never been in snow. It looked very cold. Peanut said he wish he could have been there to cuddle with Lucy. He thinks he is better than an electric blanket.
    Our mama said Bucky is looking good and that is making her very happy.
    Stay warm today.

    Hugs purrs and woofs from
    boo-Bahs Little Sunshines

  12. Yes, a heated blankie would have been needed to get the horror away from your mind!

    Keep warm.

  13. Hi my sweetie
    You in the snow I didn't know you can out,
    I thought you was a indoorcat just like me!!
    But you are looking not happy its to cold for you my sweetie,
    i wish i could warm you up :-)

    Kareltje =^.^=

    (On your post Vicki I see the word "shovel"
    I was looking for that word.I had done that today shovel for and around my house we have so many snow,
    I would write it on my post but i did not know the name ..... LOL)

    THANKS :-)

  14. Is you being nicer to Bucky now, Lucy? He did not look like he woz in any hurries to open the door for you... I think you might want to purr up to him some in case this ever happens again.

  15. I liked seeing your paw prints in the snow. Was it exciting for you to see snow for the first time?

    Best wishes for a happy holiday!

  16. Oh my goodness Lucy! Look at all the snow you got. My mom is jealous 'cause we only got about 3 inches here and she wants to go snowshoeing (and drags me along with her). I don't mind the snow as I came to my beans house in December and my mom kept putting me outside in the snow to go to the bathroom! Can you imagine? Anyhow, you looked very classy in your ribbon. I bet that is the last time you guys go outside in snow huh?
    You were brave and and now can brag that you've seen snow!

  17. Well snow is not all it's cracked up to be, that's for sure!!! I saw a boot in one of the shots of you outside on the snowy deck. How about the beans try going barefoot out there and see how it feels!!!

    ...I recognize that Christmas collar. Glogirly bought me one too. Here's what I did: I pretended like it was totally choking me and gave her my most pathetic "help me" look. She took it off and put it on Black Cat. I haven't had to wear it since. Victory!

    (Glogirly's cat)

  18. We don't get snow here where we live in New Zealand either, but it doesn't look very warm.

    I love flannelette sheets, and mum has hers on the bed most of the year.

    Merry Christmas.

    Poppy Q

  19. Wow - that's pretty snow! We don't have any here this year, although we would like a little on Christmas day. Our parents usually take us out in it, but it's cold and we don't like to stay out too long.

    Wishing you a purry Christmouse, and Happy New Year!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  20. Oh, I think that's hilarious. Sorry, guys. But we live in southeastern Ontario (province in Canada) and it's snowy and cold for months. One of my boys even ventured out in the -27C windchill weather over the holidays. That's about -17F to you. I thought he was nuts, personally, and I had to call and call and call him to come back in (I have a tiny fenced/enclosed space behind my townhouse, all of 16ft x 16 ft).

    Very nice to have found your blog!


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