Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lucy's Surprise

"Oh for Pete's sake, what does Mama want?"
"Lucy, don't be crabby. You have lots of new friends and visitors to your blog. I think you were a hit."
"Oh, I'm so happy I could kiss a ratsy!"
"Didn't you say kiss?" "Kiss, bite, it's all the same, Mama."
Thank you visiting my brand new blog. I'm so happy to have new friends. I love visiting your blogs too!

I hopes everyone is havin' a good weekend!


  1. Hi Lucy,
    I like your ratsy! I love my toys but sometimes I sneak Molly and Lilly's too!
    My Mom said that you look a lot like Winston the cat that she had once. There is even a picture of him on my blog 'cause he is no longer with us :(
    Your blog is fun! I guess it's okay to visit, I didn't see a No Doggie Sign anywhere!
    Luv, Lucy

  2. the last picture makes me remember of a quote:
    "God created cats to let the men know the pleasure to caress the tiger"
    Lucy, on that last picture you look like a cute little tiger!

  3. OMC! Lucy! I is so happy to sees you. I so sorry I couldn't comes by da other day, momma been hogging da puter. Somefing about all da new products, orders, and she had to sends out my Hottest Cat Toys email.

    Welcome to da cat bloggie world! I luvs you putting da bitey on your ratsie MOL hehehe


  4. Your shots are Wonderful :)))
    So Cute and lovely :))
    Have a nice weekend
    Kareltje =^.^=

  5. Lucy looks like she has a catnip hangover in the top picture. I you should have a little talk with her. :-)

  6. Keeping that Ratsy in line! Atta' girl. ;)

  7. You are silly. I am enjoying getting to know you.

  8. wow Lucy this ratsy looks yummy! I would love to play with you!
    Cool and funny post
    purrs and love

  9. Pretty cat and funny as well!


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