Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Distrustful Ratsie

“Ratsie, I got some grief for biting you the other day. I know you don’t trust me, but this time I really want to be friends. This time I promise I won‘t bite you.”
“That’s it. Come a little closer.”

“Wait! That was just a little bite!”
“I wonder why Ratsie doesn’t trust me?”


  1. Lucy, lucy! It's not nice to trick Ratsie! Kovu (aka Bubba) found a piece of netting on the floor yesterday and had a really great time with that... He's been sitting next to the guinea pig cage a little too much for my liking, liking his lips. I think he misses having the other cats to play with! I miss them too!

    James is lucky he can just go out for pics...the 12 year old doesn't like just going out for me to find things to photograph. I normally have to BRIBE her with gifts, and that gets expensive!

  2. When will he learn? Ratsie should be named Charle Brown because he falls for it everytime. Get it? Lucy and Charle Brown?:-)

  3. But it was just a nibble and just Ratsie's tail, it's not like you bit his head off or something!
    Oh what do I know...I'm just a dog!
    Luv, Lucy

  4. I was more thinking about the Disney Cinderella.. Do you remember the cat? In France, it's called Lucifer (Lucy-fer...Ü)

  5. Lucy yoo certainly showed da mouse whose boss!

  6. could one not trust that sweet, innocent Lucy??

  7. I think Ratsie likes you really Lucy, after all, he keeps coming back for more!

    You're right Lucy, I love to watch both Alfie and Simba sleep. When they sleep on their backs they are so cute, but they've always changed position by the time I get the camera! :)xxx

  8. Hi Lucy
    I see a mouse yippieee.....
    O no its a toy mouse :(
    I thought it was a real one ..... LOL
    Kareltje =^.^=

  9. oh dear Lucy, how adorable you are!
    I loved your poses but the last one is awesome!
    purrs and love

  10. Hi Lucy! That ratsie asked for it if you ask us. We couldn't resist to put the bitey on it either...
    Have a pawsome Saturday!
    Siena & Chilli


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