Monday, August 31, 2009

7 Reasons Why I is Pawsome

I was tagged by the cutest doggie, Shawnee at The Shenanigans of Shawnee the Shep, to play "7 Reasons Why You is Pawsome." By the way, you should check out Shawnee’s blog. She has lots of fun hiking adventures and her mom helps animals get adopted.

7 Reasons Why I is Pawsome

Teddy bears like me.

I don’t beat up Simba (just little bites from time to time).

I sleep snug as a bug in a rug.

I put up with indignities graciously.

I can be seen sometimes in the bedroom window from outside, but you have to look really hard because I'm stealthy.

I am very clean and take my baths seriously.

I’m a sweet torbie girl.
I’m tagging my fellow blogger, my newest pal, Kovu, at The Kingdom of Kovu.


  1. Hi Lucy
    Yes I now you are "Pawsome"
    Your pictures are all so lovely :)
    I send you many hugs
    Kareltje =^.^=

  2. Thanks Lucy, what an honor. I have to wait until the little person gets up to help me make the list. Back to watching the birds outside. It's chilly this morning for this Florida cat!

  3. I knowed you was pawsome and there's the prufe! Thanks for playing and for the nice mention.

  4. Go grandma, go! You pawsome old girl!

  5. oh my sweet Lucy, you are really awesome, no doubts about it!
    You are beautiful and charming as well and a clever girlcat!
    I loved your cute toys at the first picture!
    purrs and love
    your friend

  6. Pawsome, and also lovely, and charming, and cute.
    no need of proof or explanation to see it!

  7. Lucy,
    You are totally pawsome!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  8. You sure are a cute kitty cat while you are graciously suffering you indignities, Lucy...
    Thanks for not bothering the fish when you stopped by :D

  9. you are stealthy! that is a valuable talent
    and you're adorable

  10. Those are great piksurs! You are a cute and pawsome kitteah =^_^= purrs2u

  11. Those were very good reasons why you're pawsome. Of course, we knew that right away!

  12. You are the cats meow for sure Lucy! And thats from a dog....well, my mom made me say it. I am too busy lounging on the sofa so let my mom do all the blogging. Anyhow, my mom certainly thinks you are pawsome. You get my admiration for having to wear those doo-dads on your fur coat, jeez....

  13. You is sure pawsome mai furriend! I just luvs your reasons



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