Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Playaholic

Hi. I'm Annie and I'm a Playaholic.
Annie is waiting to play. She wants only to play with me and only with a very few select toys. Cat Catcher is actually the only toy that presently interests her. She snubs previously loved toys such as Da Bird and Neko Fly. She doesn't like to play by herself. Balls, mousies, tunnels or even the Fling-ama String toy do not interest this gal.
Can we play now?
We play every evening for about an hour but it's never enough for this girl. Do any kitties out there have an insaitiable appetite for playing? How do your people play with you and how do they manage to not feel guilty when you do cute meows and look at them earnestly?


  1. We prefer the human to play with us, individually. We both like different types of toys, for the most part. Our human absolutely does not play with us enough, she always seem to be busy. Of course, when the weather is warm we prefer to hang out in the back space, so that solves the matter for several months. LOL.

  2. All the kitties here have each other to play with. But they also have their favorite toy. Then there's play time with Mommy! Have you tried changing the feathers (for Da Bird)? Sometimes the old ones tend to stop making the fluttering sounds which makes the kitty lose interest. :) Have you also tried the other Da Bird attachments?
    You're looking so cute, Annie!

  3. Jim is an old boy now, but Chestnut has never enough of playing. he likes when I throw a ball and he has to run to catch it,and it brings it back to me, like a dog!!He also likes when I hide and he has to find me.
    Feeling guilty is hard, at the right moment you stop playing and he understands it..

  4. Oh Annie I can see the look on your face says "play with me NOW"! Hehehehe

  5. We have our regularly schedule playtime every night at 9PM SHARP. We play hard for 45 minutes, get our treats, then it's lights out and we sleep through the night!

  6. are so cute! We like when the mom plays with us. Our favorites are Da Bird and Neko Fly. But we play with each other too...though the mom says sometimes our play gets too rough.

    Wally & Ernie

  7. Oui Oui earned her name by never saying "No" to playing. Everyone here likes to play and one Neko fly can get everyone moving.

  8. Our brother Quint is a play-aholic! He will play fetch with Mom for hours....if she let him. And don't get him started on his mousies. Or our sister Tessa with aluminum foil balls. Or our sister with her straws. Or...or...or...MOL! Purrs....

  9. Our Dad plays with us at least a half hour after work and maybe three sessions on weekends. We love the feather wands best. Fitz loves the little balls that have fuzzy on them. Me, Timmy, likes those little mousies ou get in a pack of 6 or 12.

    We can get Dad to play with us about anytime he is home Except, when it is bed time. Then we know better than be wild. Except Rumpy of course. MOL


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