Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm Annie

 I am going to try my paw at blogging. Word on the street is I'm too flighty to put my thoughts down. Well, I'm not sure about that but here are some things about me:
  • I'm orange
  • I have lots of stripes that I keep squeaky clean
  • I love food
  • I'll turn seven this summer
  • I love to play
  • I always look over my shoulder when I'm eating because someone is probably sneaking up on me even though that's never happened since I came to live here 
  • I'm not very affectionate which makes the lady sad
  • Oh, did I mention I love to eat?
More to come...


  1. Well you sure are a pretty orange girl and I think ya done good!

  2. Despite having bottle fed me from birth, I am not lovey dovey with my Mommy which makes her very very sad. But I do give rub against her and purr once in a while to keep her hopes up. Heehee.
    Since you won't use your tunnel, I suppose I'll have to teleport over to show you how fun the tunnel is. When is a good time? :)


  3. Not affectionate? But you LOVE Teh Fuuds!

  4. OMC, Annie, you have the most beautful golden eyes!

  5. Hi Annie. You'll do just fine with the blogging, we think. And maybe in time you'll become more affectionate, but even if not, it's great you're loved for who you are, just as you are!

  6. Well hello Annie ;) I think, speaking as a blogging veteran, that you will do more than just fine!!

  7. Annie, we think you did a great job at blogging! We can't wait for you to tell us more.

  8. Oh Honey, keep blogging and I think your mommy can win you over softly. xoxoxoxo

  9. Annie! You sound so much like our Mica Moo! Except she isn't seven, we're not sure but maybe she's around five - she isn't telling. And she is affectionate if she doesn't feel threatened. You are still our special girl.

  10. Annie, you're as orange as me, Chataigne!Glad you begin to blog, I'm sure we'll have a lot in common!You're very cute..
    The (so called) French Red Ruby

  11. You will warm up to the Lady - our Chica did not like to be petted at all and she became a wonderful lap cat.


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