Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This and That Tuesday

This past week has been pretty uneventful except for Mama's usual business.  I'm where you'll usually find me.

Mama wouldn't get my tail of disrespect if she didn't disturb my nap with that stupid flashy box.

Annie's tummy has been healing.

Simba's new spot is this new bed.  Mama ordered this two weeks before Annie's surgery.  At her work, people give points as recognition and then you can order what you want with those points from a catalog. Mama saw this bed and thought it would be good for Annie's recovery.  Well, it turns out that Annie's recovery time was nil and the bed didn't even get shipped until over a month after her surgery (and Annie still sleeps under the bed).  We just received the bed last week. 
 Well, we all hope you're all having a good week!


  1. That is a super looking bed. And Simba, aren't you glad you grabbed it. It looks so comfy and it even looks like two of you could get in there. Hope all of you have a fantastic day.

  2. Two things come to mind here:
    1) "You snooze, you lose" - that is if'n you is snoozing unner the bed
    2) "Pawsession is 9/10th of the law" - if'n you is snoozing in the new bed or your own bed

    So far Annie has missed out on a scratching post and a new bed but looks like she is still a big winner with the fixed belleh and new home and all.

  3. What a pretty bed! not lost for everyone, as we say in France..Ü
    The way Annie is laying on her back is showing that she's feeling trust. She's not afraid anymore. That's a very good thing.She seems well and happy. Thank you to Lucy to give us news! Ü

  4. We're glad Annie is healing and her furs are growing back. Everyone looks comfy, cat beds or not. LOL.

  5. Bonjour dear friends!
    oh Lucy, I also know what you mean about your mammy , that she is working a lot there.My mammy Léia doesn't have time now to blog or prepare post to my blog.She is studying for some international exams (something about French proficiency and so on). I really hope next semester she can be more easygoing.
    I love your pink blanket, you look so sweet there.
    I also love the new bed of Simba.He is adorable.
    And Annie is a doll, lovely poses.

  6. LOVE Annie's new bed! How cute is that!

    Adore the photos of Annie showing her belly. She looks so happy and content. She's healing so well!

    Bless you Lucy for taking such good care of her!

    Have a lovely day, dear lady!

  7. we are impressed that you even bother to use the intended bed, we treat ours with disdain. Lovely to meet you. Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  8. hee hee, the tail of disrespect! Good going, Lucy. Miss Annie, every time we see you you're showing off that tummy, you must be such a happy girl now, in your new home and all fixed up...and if you like sleeping under the bed and not in Simba's spiffy new spot, then well, that's YOUR prerogative!

  9. That's such a nice looking bed! I think it's perfect for couple cats to snuggle. We don't have our own bed but we do share Whisky's day bed sometimes. Won't it be nice if all three cats went in there to snuggle? How does that sound, Lucy?

  10. Sometimes uneventful weeks are the best, just full of normal life and cute tummies! Annie you are adorable as always, I'm so glad you found such a good home =^..^=

  11. ... thanks for visiting us back... what speed... appreciated, we are very glad to be associated XX Darcy and Bingley XX

  12. UTB is a good sleeping place. I seldom use my bed.
    Annie, we're glad you found a good furever home. We hope you all are having a good week as well.
    xoxo Kassey

  13. Hi Lucy...seems you and I need to band together to strike against that flash monster. It is just not right to be disturbed during your nap.

    Hugs to you Annie and Simba...you might need to take reservations for that bed.
    Hugs Madi

  14. Happy to hear Annie's healing and what nhice bed you have there Simba.

    Hugs to all you kitties,
    Emma and Buster

  15. OMC !!! I like your bed !!! Look so deluxe comfy : ) !!! and Annie, you got no idea how happy I am to know your tummy is healing well.
    You all have a purrfect day

  16. Simba
    You lucked out there with that great bed. Annie you're looking great and Lucy you look...er...perturbed to be disturbed from your nap. Hehehehee...we don't blame you our Mom does that to us all the time too.

  17. Thanks for all the updates. We've been wondering about Annie's tummy. She looks so happy! That's a might cute kitty bed with a mighty cute kitty in it!

  18. That's an awesome bed...we can see why Simba claimed it. Lucy, maybe you ought to try it out too!! We're glad Annie is healing well. She looks pretty happy.

    Y'know, Lucy, even though it looks like me and Ernie snuggle alot and are good friends, we have to confess that we don't always get along. We fight sometimes and Ernie likes to bug me. And I don't get along with Zoey at all! We can't even be together!!


  19. Annie is looking very cute and happy! Hope you share the bed Simba!

  20. We are happy that Annie's tummy is healing. The bed looks comfy.
    Maybe Simba will share.

  21. Your new bed looks so soft and warm
    we want also sleep in there :)
    Lucy you are adorable when you are just wake up

  22. Lucy, good to see you look so cosy...!
    So does Simba with the new bed!
    Good to see Annie thriving so well!
    Big Hugs!

  23. Hi you precious babies that we love. xoxoxoxoxo Anie I'm so glad your wee tummy is getting all better and please..come out and try the bed (if no one else is in it) (even if there is)

  24. The new bed lookes really comfy !!
    Great to see that Annie has healed up so well !!
    Have a pawsome autumn week :)

  25. So glad to see that Annie's getting better! What a warm and cozy kitty bed. Love the paw print design. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


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