Friday, October 14, 2011


Simba and I are friends.  This may not seem like a big deal, but Mama says it took me about a decade to get comfortable with him.  I used to really not like him.  Mama and Papa have noticed that over the last year we've grown closer.
This scratching post came to us from Annie's previous owners.  Even though she's declawed, she loves to rub her paws on it just like she has claws.  Simba and I love hanging out together on it.

Simba came to live with us when he was around four years old. We are now both 15 and growing old together.

We weren't counting on this.


  1. So glad to read that! It gives me hope for Jm and Chestnut. A decade? Only 8 more years to wait...Ü

  2. Aw soo cute your are !
    Have a PAWsome friday :)

  3. OH you beautiful babies. You look so relaxed and serene.

  4. Love is....growing older together and sharing....

    the same scratch post!

    Glad everything is well in the household. I bet no more hissing.

    Take care little dear kitties!

  5. It's great that you and Simba have grown to like each other, Lucy. But how you are getting on with Annie now? It really can be an upset, can't it? We hope you're all doing okay!

  6. Hey, at least you got that scratching post out of the deal! Looks like you and Simba be moving in and staking your claim.

  7. Awwww Lucy.....I'm sure you would learn to accept and even love Annie eventually....but please don't take a decade this time. MOL. I really look forward to the day we see a picture of all THREE of you enjoying the scratching post.

  8. heh heh.
    Compatriots at last! You two have to watch each-others backs now, we see.

  9. Lucy and Simba
    I admire how you two stately kitties have lovingly accepted Annie into your home. You must have sensed she needed lots of love.
    You are sweet kitties..I know young whipper snappers can get on your last nerve.
    Hugs Madi

  10. Well,'s good to have a furiend like Simba. But you should give Annie a might find she's not so bad. And it sure would make life easier for everybuddy.

    (we know how it is to have a newcomer come and rock the boat...we got Zoey, afterall.)

    Wally & Ernie

  11. You have a beautiful family Lucy!

  12. Aww Lucy glad to see that you and Simba have grown closer. Now you just need to mellow out a bit to Lucy, I'm sure she'd love to join you at the scratching post =^..^=

  13. Oops... meant to say that you should mellow out to Annie of course!!! I shall blame my mistype on a loooong week :)

  14. Lucy I would never guess that you and Simba did not always get along from these pictures. You both look so content. And we hope you give Annie a chance....

  15. Sweet little Annie, you are really cute. Lucy and Simba look at it this way, Annie came with a scratching post. Wasn't that nice of her?
    I think all of you will be friends someday.

    Hugs and purrs
    Iris and all
    four furries

  16. How nice to have someone to grow old with.

  17. Sometimes you find yourself liking someone without even knowing it. Its nice to have friends, even if it took awhile. Our Julie hasn't liked anyone in 14 years! Well, she likes to attack and chase them, but I guess that doesn't count!

  18. You are such a sweet family
    Anni will be HAPPY to grow older on your place :-)


  19. I am glad that you can get along with
    Simba better than you used to. Age must mellow us! 15 is a very good age! I am 10, and next year in the spring I will be 11. I hates any kitty near me!

  20. There is nothing more calming and sweet as seeing cats sleeping.

    LOVE that last shot of Annie. What an adorable face!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend, Lucy!

  21. I just laughed out loud when I saw 'we weren't counting on this' !!
    Annie does look a bit mischevious
    I'm so happy for her

    and Lucy and simba are wonderful
    age teaches us to be more accepting :)

  22. That's so nice when they live together in harmony. Pookie and Rosie still hiss at each other even after 4 years of commun life.
    How cruel to declaw a cat ! It's not allowed in Belgium. You won't find a vet who would do that ! What kind of owners had poor Annie ?? Had they golden fabric on their chairs ?

  23. Lucy, we sure are glad that you and Simba are getting along now. It is so nice to have someone to grow old with. Maybe Annie isn't so bad. Anyway, it is good to see you two together. Good to see you too Annie. Take care.

  24. Bonjour dear Lucy and sweet friends!
    wow life is wonderful when we have good friends to share our happiness!These pictures are adorable, it's so nice to see you and Simba in harmony!
    Love to your hearts,

  25. Lucy, Simba, our mama's heart melted qwith your photos and your story. Buster and I are living together for 1 yr now but we're far from being buddy buddy yet. This post gives mama hope.

    But just between us I don't think Buster and I would get really tight you know what I mean?

    Emma and Buster

  26. You two look so sweet and loving together.
    xoxo Kassey

  27. Mommie tried several times to help me comment this afternoon! We hopes this works this time!

    We like your picture of you playing together! I thinks only one hiss is very good!

  28. Oopss!! Mom is all mixed up this afternoon! When blogger wouldn't works she had a cow! Now we see it is working and she is trying to visit as many as she can before it stops working again! We apologize for commenting on the wrong post!


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