Sunday, October 2, 2011

Easy Sunday

Hi friends. It's so good to be back. Mama has really taken over my blog lately!
I've wanted to post all week but Mama's been complaining how busy and stressed she's been with her job.  Since she keeps me in Fancy Feast, Temptations and litter, I try to be understanding.  In these pictures I'm enjoying my freshly washed pink blankie.
Happiness is a clean blankie!
Mama walked into the bedroom yesterday afternoon and here's what she saw:
 This came as a happy surprise because Simba and Annie try their best to avoid each other.

Mama took Annie to the Vet on Wednesday for a follow-up exam.  The doctor said she's healing really well.  Depending on how she does over the next few weeks, she may not need any long-term medication.
Makin' biscuits
Well, there's a sun puddle calling my name.  Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Glad that sweet Annie is feeling better!Great news!And I love your pictures, the pink blanket looks so comfortable, you are an adorable girl!
    love to your heart,

  2. Enjoy your sun puddle Lucy
    and thanks for letting us know how Annie is doing

    I'm so happy that Annie and Simba are sharing the bed

  3. Great news that Annie is doing so well! We hope she doesn't need any long term meds at all, Lucy.

    Enjoy your freshly-laundered blankie!

  4. Hi ya, Lucy! You look good on your pink blanket! And we are so happy to see Annie and Simba sleeping on the bed together!! A warm comfy bed brings everyone together! We're glad Annie is doing so well after her surgery too!!

  5. Oh what a sweet discovery... do I sense a little bit of that ice melting between Annie and Simba... just a little??!! And SO glad to hear that Annie is doing so well. (((Hugs)))

  6. Annie is fast healing! I hope the three kitties will get along. As for my two, I seldom hear hissing.

    Hi there Lucy, I could smell the fresh scent of your blankie!

  7. PRECIOUS shots of your kitties, Lucy!

    OMG...they're all so adorable! There's nothing quite so wonderful as seeing a cat sleep, is there? Instantly makes me feel like I wanna take a cat nap - HA!

    So glad to hear Annie is healing well.

    (((( Annie ))))

    Happy Sunday, dear lady!


  8. Wonderful news that all is going well with the felines in your household.

  9. Hi Lucy, Simba and Annie don't worry we missed LiveStrong last year too!! It is hard to keep up with all the exciting events in Blogville. You are all looking very very comfy today. It is coooool here in NC..actually a little too cool for the time of year.
    Yay for Annie's Vet appt. Purrs and hugs and good vets are very healing!!
    Madi and Mom

  10. Oh Lucy, it is good to see you back. You are just so pretty. What good news about Annie. Maybe because she is feeling so much better, she will be a different cat. Good news. Take care

  11. Hi sweet Lucy! It's nice to see you again. We are all so happy that Annie is doing well.
    It looks like her and Simba are making progress on being friends.

  12. It's so nice to see you again, Lucy! And it's such a relief that Annie is doing so well. She does look to be settling in nicely into the family. Do YOU like her yet, Lucy?

  13. Lucy, you look so lovely on your freshly-washed pink blanket...but what happened to your bed-on-bed arrangement? We think double beddage is THE best thing...
    And Annie with Simba on the bed...can snuggling be far behind? We are so happy she is recovering, and happy in her new home.

  14. Hi Lucy
    How lovely you look in your freshly laundered blankie! We are so glad that everyone is getting a long so well. Annie m'dear you look gorgeous and we are glad to hear that you are doing so well.

  15. We just love freshly washed blankies! Yours loves so warm and comfy. Simba and Annie look so pretty on a blue blankie. Maybe they'll be friends yet, some times it just takes a while...

  16. Good to see you Miss Lucy !!!!
    and you made me smile with photos of Annie and Simba..Good to see they start to keep each others company : )

    And I send lots of purrs and Hugs to your mom, some time mom got that from work too.

    Big Hugs to you all

  17. Altho it do be the bestest news the Simba and Annie be napping in each udder's vicinities, just be careful that the orange brigade duss not gang up on you! Just woofin.

  18. That is wonderful that Annie is doing so well! It also is very good that Simba and Annie can be so close to each other! I am not very social. We likes both the pink and blue blankies!!

    Thank you for your kind words. We appreciate you being our friend!!

  19. Good news from everyone! I'm glad to see Lucy again, and even more to learn that little Annie feels better, and even shares some moments with Simba.Every little friend seems to be safe, peaceful and happy, so what a wonderful post!
    (And comments seem to work again!good news, I said! :o))

  20. Hi Lucy

    So nice to see your lovely face :-)
    We missed you very much
    and we love it also to sleep on a FRESH towel!!!
    Betsie's favorite color is also pink ;)

    Its a miracle to see this picture
    from Simba & Anni
    I think they are big friends now :))))

    Hugs from us all
    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

  21. So sweet to see you making biscuits. Glad you are feeling better. Enjoy your sun spot and happy napping. :)

  22. Hola Miss Lucy! a pretty pink blankie for a pretty cat! Hola to Simba and Annie. enjoy your sun puddle! Rio from Barcelona

  23. You look so sweet on your soft fresh pink blankie. I love seeing us girl kitties with our pink things. Both of you look so warm and comfy on mommy's bed. xoxoxoxox

  24. Good to see you again Lucy! Good to see you & Simba becoming more accustomed to Annie being around. Must be a relief for your Mama!
    Please Annie is progressing well. Hope you continue to take it easy Lucy! Big Hug!

  25. Nice pictures! I'm glad things are going well.

  26. We want to thank you for the kind words for our human sister and her pregnancy. We appreciate your prayers. Your friend Cheyenne and her mom too.

  27. Hi Lucy, nothing beats a freshly laundered blankie eh?

    We have been reading the previous posts and astonished to find out about Annie's surgery. Glad she looks like she's healing very well. We will purr for her continued return to good health.

    Head butts to you.

    Emma and Buster

  28. We are so glad to see so much good going on here. Thank you for your kind words about Mumsy's grandfather, we sure are sorry your Momma lost her great Uncle like that. We especially want to thank you for the purrs for our Mumsy. And yup, CatDaddy is still proud of himself he figured out how to make the post go!

  29. Hi there !
    Glad to hear that Annie is healing up quikly and that she may not need any longterm treatment = Hooray !!!

    Yes my mom has been to Krakow in Polen , it was very nice she told me :)

    Have a great weekend !

  30. Oh we love a freshly laundered blankie too...and we love it when our mom takes our blankies out of the dryer and let us snuggle right down into them. She has been trained by us to "heat up" our blankies if its a bit cool in the house...oh and we love to jump into the towels when they come from the dryer. So pleased that Simba and Annie are sorta kinda getting along, baby steps! And Mom says to tell you that she is sooo very happy that Annie is getting better.

  31. We luvs good news about Annie getting better and maybe without meds long term. It's sweet that they share each others company with their blankies.
    xoxo Kassey


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