Friday, October 28, 2011

Afternoon on the Patio

I loved my patio in Pennsylvania.  This one is just so-so.  Plus, Mama has no plants, just Papa's barbeque and some chairs.
I love when it gets sunny (it's not very sunny today). I sit in a sun puddle and wait for someone to open the patio door. 

However, I insist that the door stay open.
Junk in her trunk
Sometimes Annie spies on me

I love pine needles
Eat pine needles now, puke them later in the house, especially if your mom makes a big-bum joke at your expense

I hope you enjoy your weekend doing what you love!


  1. He , he :)
    Eat pine needles now and puke them later in the house.
    Have a pawsome weekend !!

  2. My Willow does just that - eats pine needles and pukes them up inside! One time she even had a pine needle sticking out her butt! yuck!

  3. Spending an afternoon in the patio seems to be a good idea for the week-end!No pine needles around here, but a lot of sunnny spots!
    Have a nice week-end!

  4. LOVE the photo of Lucy with her little paw in the sliding glass door - brilliant capture!

    "Eat pine needles now, puke them later in the house, especially if your mom makes a big-bum joke at your expense."


    Have a faaaaabulous weekend, dear lady!


  5. Hey hey hey lovely Pa Ladies...
    Lucy eating pine needles sounds fun..after all we can never get too much fiber. MOL Good joke to pull on the mom later too you have to keep her on her toes.
    Hugs Madi

  6. Our mommy isn't sure eating pine needles is a good idea. Puking in the house for spite is always good, though! Why no plants? That's what patios are for. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

  7. Eating pine needles to puke in the house. LOL! I think your Mom needs to get you the ESS and add it to the patio so you can lounge in it while enjoying the sun puddles. Oh, and some plants too. :)
    I thought the picture of Lucy trying to keep the door open was pawsome!

  8. Hi there Lucy. That looks like a fun time on the porch. So what a good idea to eat the pine needles and then toss them up in the house. That is always a good plan. Hope all of you have a super week end.

  9. Lucy girl, I'm also learning more about English with you and your blog, thanks so much!
    I think your patio is great,and you are lucky to enjoy the delicious sun puddle there.
    Hugs and purrs

  10. We hope you have lots of sun puddles to enjoy this weekend! Throwing up pine needles doesn't sound too much fun. Shame on mom for making big- bum jokes. :) I know mom loves you, big-bum and all.

    Hugs, purrs and woofs
    coming your way from
    all of us.

  11. Lucy
    At least you are allowed out, Ping ruined that for all of us. He ran away for 3 days and got sick, that was the last time any of us was allowed outside.

  12. Enjoy sun puddles this weekend if you find any. Wow, you go outside? Mom says that's a cute photo of your paw in the door.
    xoxo Kassey

  13. Oh noes, you cannot see out of your patio! That do be half the funs. But I has to tell you, you is way better off where you is now coz ofur here by your old patio, it will be SNOWING tomorrow. Yes, you readed that rite, we is getting SNOW. BOO.

  14. Your patio is nice, Lucy. We like how you eat the pine needles and then puke them up!! Haha!! Maybe your mom can get some plants out there for you...a nip plant would be nice.

  15. Miss Lucy, I think you have have a LOVELY hiney, and I eat pine needles too! And leaves.

  16. Ohoh...
    do you aet pine needles
    why are you doing that
    I think its not yummie !?!?

    Hugs from Kareltje =^.^=
    and cuddle from Betsie >^.^<

    Enjoy your vacation Leia and family :))

  17. I do so much wish I could haves a pine needle or two!!

    What!?! We don't thinks you have a big-bum! ... Mom's are funny! Mine thinks I need a diet! We like your porch!

  18. We really wonder what pine needles taste like. Do you have a really fresh breath afterwards? Thanks for the healing purrs for our mom, we're doing our best to nurse her. It just proves how brave we cats are, we bet Annie doesn't do a fuss like mom does about her incision. ; )
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  19. My Anni is an expert door opener too!
    How lucky a kitty you are to have such a lovely porch to explore and gourmet pine needles to munch on. :)

  20. Hmmmm...we never thought about eating pine needles. We think the mom would worry about them sticking in our tummies (she's a worrier like that), so maybe we SHOULD try them! We're so sorry about how long its taken us to see you this weekend. We had computer troubles and the mom was working long hours. Glad to see everything is wonderful with you!

  21. I love that junk in her trunk comment and seeing Annie spy was so funny!


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