Thursday, February 24, 2011

Senior Moments

I will turn 15 in a few months, and lately, I've been giving thought to how I've changed since entering my senior years.  I know there are some others out there that are seniors: Rosie, Sammy, Andy, Miss Kitty, Lautrec, Tiny, Chica, and forgive me, but I'm sure I'm forgetting some others. 
If you're a senior or have a senior pet, have you noticed changes?  I used to play with the plastic milk jug ring. I would go to the ends of the earth to chase it, run up and down stairs and sometimes even bring it back.  I also used to chase my brothers and just have fun.  I now just sit in one place while batting at my dragonfly toy that Mama dangles before me or lick Ratsie.  

I'm healthy as a hog, but I've definitely put on some weight over the years.  I'm also crabbier at times.  All in all, I seem happy and Mama just wants me to stay that way.

One thing that hasn't changed: I hate the camera!


  1. Oh Lucy, I also hate that flash box.
    I think you are beautiful and time gave you more wisdom.Today you can understand better, things that time ago you should not accept.
    You can enjoy the sunshine and take long naps.
    You are more patient with your brother Simba!
    You are a lucky girl, your family is a blessing!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  2. You can add Mr. Ed, Ginny, Lily, & Cali to that group of seniors. All over 15 and some into the 20's. Lots of changes over the years. They mostly sleep more and they enjoy their food more now than ever. They don't play much but every once in awhile they enjoy the cat-dancer or a little furry mouse to bat around. Mostly sleep, though. Their voices have changed too. That was odd but it is normal. I think because they lose a little hearing as they age and they become louder. Oh, the pleasures of getting older :(

  3. Oh Lucy, you don't look a day over 3. We have several senior cats here too and they definitely have slowed down. We have Holly and Mister and then some that are nine years old. As long as you are happy, that is all that matters. Your Mom is so correct. Have a fun day

  4. Even though I can be considered a senior (I is turning 10 sometime next month) I dussn't act like one at all. But my old geezer sis, Dixie, she be turning 12, she has been leaving pee-mail in the house. Turns out it woz becoz of her heart medicines wot made her drink more waters so it dussn't happen as much now that she is off the meds but coz she knows she can do it sometimes she still duss it so there be p-mail depository pads all ofur the place now just in case. The hoomans dussn't like p-mail all ofur the house so I would say make a mental note not to do that as part of your senior moments, k? (Pee Ess - Dixie be OK without her heart meddies. Her heart has always been bad and the heart V-E-T thought she mite benefit from the meds now that she be an old geezer and her heart be getting worser but it woz not a matter of life or death that she take them so not taking them is not a big deal.)

  5. Hi Lucy,
    You look MAARvelous for your age! My kitty sister Lilly is almost your age and she has changed a lot. She doesn't play very much anymore, and she has definitely gotten more crabby! She likes to eat and sleep and kind of keeps more to herself but she seems quite happy...oh I almost forgot...she loves to sleep in my BIG doggie bed.
    Stay healthy and happy.
    ♥ Lucy (Woof!)

  6. Lucy, you definitely look terrific and we're glad you're doing so well.

    The mom noticed a real deterioration in Annie after she was diagnosed hyper-t. She's not sure if it was the hyper-t itself, methimazole or other undiagnosed issues. But we think that sometimes, like humans, kitties can be "old" at 10, while other kitties still are in their prime (for example). It's an individual thing, is what we mean.

    As long as you are healthy and happy, that's all that counts!

  7. Hey Lucy! Stop by our blog and pick up your award!

    We think you are a beautiful senior catizen!

  8. Lucy, you only get better with age! My Gracie is a senior and she spends most of her time lying around on her daybed or taking sunbaths by the back door.

  9. Yup, our mama says there have been changes in us boys.....especially Sammy. He has put on too much weight, and mostly wants to sleep.

    Andy is still a bit more active than Sammy and likes to play with toys at times.

    Over the years, mama didn't really realize how us boys had slowed down....but now that the young Shelly is here, she realizes. Of course, our mama is old as dirt, so we remind her how much she has slowed down, too! :)

    Love to y'all from all of us

  10. Lucy, our cat, Mr. O, is also 15. I also want to keep him for a very long time. He's healthy also but my vet says he makes no predictions on life expectancy for older cats but instead says "love them one year at a time as long as you have them." I hope we get to love you and Mr. O for years to come, one year at a time.

  11. An other thing did not change: your charm!You're still lovely with such beautyful eyes! and, as we say in France: "Tant qu'on a la santé!"..

  12. Lucy, being a senior means you can sit back, take it easy and enjoy life. Now only if that darn flashy box would leave you alone so you can do that!!

  13. As long as you are happy I guess that's the main thing, Lucy !

    PS : MOL ..for what you feel about flash box : )

  14. Peanut and Marshmellow are considered seniors as they turned nine Jan. 2011. They definitely do not play as much. Sometimes I worry because they both are overweight. Sleeping seems to be what they do the most. Well mostly Peanut.
    Lucy looks really healthy, and doesn't really look like a Senior. As long as she is happy and healthy that's what counts.
    Lucy you are just beautiful and we think you are aging very gracefully!


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