Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Weekend

Yesterday was a beautiful day and the temperature was in the mid 40s.  Mama and Papa went on a drive through the countryside and into some small villages in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Then they went on a hike on an island in the middle of the Delaware River, in between Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
They walked on this bridge to get to the island
They saw this kitty enjoying the sun on his porch in Stockton, NJ
They walked along this river
Mama bought fresh produce at this farm, Fairview Farm
This is the end of the island
Normally, we don't do posts of Mama's day, but Mama says we didn't have enough material from me.  Here was my day:


  1. I like your mama's day very much. Too bad they didn't take you along. Maybe next time.

  2. That looks like a wonderful day for the Mom and Dad. Love the kitty sitting in the chair. Lucy, you sure look comfy. Good place to be on a Sunday.

  3. Lucy, chérie, you are so sweet sleeping in this comfortable spot!
    Glad that you had a beautiful sunny day there and thanks for sharing these adorable pictures.
    That kitty friend, taking sunbath on the chair is adorable and I'm enchanted by so beautiful island there!
    Have a nice week,
    purrs and always love
    Luna and mommy Léia

  4. It was a beautiful day here too Lucy, but the temps were much warmer at around 80. Looks like your Mama had a wonderful day with your Papa!

  5. I think your Mama wanna take over your blog !
    Tell her It's not going to happen !
    Not enough material from you that's not excuses !
    Tell her it's very serious ! Because she can be sacked !!!!

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! Stockton? You surely know Lambertville and New Hope? Flemington?

  7. My mommy lived there in Lambertville from 3rd grade till she graduated HS. She is from the South and lives there now but her Dad took a job in Trenton..and bought a house in Lambertville.

    Mom's brother was her last relative there. he passed away end of July. Mommy has a great (she thinks) picture of the bridge between Lambertville and New Hope across the Delaware in her Flickr account. :-) Beautiful beautiful area. Lambertville changed tremendously but New Hope..a lot is the same. I think I saw the Playhouse was still there and operating.

    Great to "meet" someone from the area.

  8. Ooops..this is the Admiral's mommy. I thought she was using her own account when she wrote the above.

  9. What a nice trip your mom and dad had. But we like how you spent the day better, Lucy.

  10. OMD, you is not going to beleef this. That the bridge to Bull's Island where your mama woz on yesterday! We ALMOST did that hike yesterday. We SO would has runned smack into your mama. But since the wevver woz looking better fur today than wot the wevver peeples furst sayed, we went to a different park today instead. Oh, so close....

  11. Oh, my sweet kitty, you do make me laugh... Tell them that it was a purrrrrfect kitty-day, but their's was delightful as well. So glad that they had their camera!


  12. Mum and Dad had a wonderful blue sky during their stroll! tell your mom that Andy Warhol became famous when he filmed a man sleeping during 11 hours long!I'm sure you can do better! :o)

  13. How nice of mommy and daddy to get out and enjoy themselves! It looks like it very pretty there. Besides, it doesn't look like you did very much!

  14. It was a beautiful weekend. Tara and I went to Lambertville and New Hope on Sunday. See pics here.

  15. What a beautiful area. Mom grew up in NJ and is now in PA. We think your day was the best!

  16. Thank you for letting your mom share her day and her pictures! That barn picture is real nice! And the trees and the water too! But you are lovely too!

  17. Your mom had a nice walk with pretty scenery.


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