Friday, February 25, 2011

Simba and His Kidneys

I don't get much air time in the Lounge, but since Lucy is taking one of her marathon naps, I thought I would do a post on myself.  (You can click here if you want to read how I came to live with Lucy and Mama and Papa.)

Mama posted about my kidneys a few months ago.  I have a mild kidney problem, but it seems to be just a bit worse lately.  My output is more than my input--if you know what I mean--and so I have to have fluids every day now.  See, kidneys need enough water to function properly, not too much water and not too little. Cats with reduced kidney function pee more because their ailing kidneys don't concentrate urine as they did in health.  Therefore cats with CRF (chronic renal failure) are at risk of dehydration. They may no longer be able to drink enough to keep themselves hydrated. I fall into this category.
Even though it's obvious that I'm not able to get enough water on my own, I still eat and run around and seem to feel fine.  I scream for water from the sink in the middle of the night and in the early morning and that's after drinking copious amounts from my water bowl.  For me, drinking water is like a job.  That is why I now have to have fluids every day, at least for a while.  Unfortunately, they're given via a needle under my skin.  I really don't like that part.

I always get treats after and lots of lovin'.

Well, I just wanted to share my story. 

p.s. Mama thanks you for your comments about senior kitties and doggies. It was fun to read and also reassuring.


  1. Bonjour dear Simba,
    I think you are a brave friend, always positive in your words. I imagine it's not easy taking those fluids and so on, but you are doing very well, and it's good for you!
    Thanks for explain things,you are giving us important information.
    I'm always thinking of you and Lucy, I wish you lots of sunshines, love and good energies.
    You are so cute!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  2. Hi Simba,
    So sorry that you are having problems but you are very lucky to have such a caring Mama that will be sure to take care of you.
    My Mom and I and Lilly and Molly send you lots of positive thoughts and good wishes for a happy weekend.
    ♥ Lucy (Woof!)

  3. But Simba, your mom do be such an eggspert with the needles now so you is lucky to has such an accomplished needle sticker inner. My mom, not so much. She had to gib a dog allergy needles once and it do more more traumatic fur her than fur the dog. She gets herself so werked up ofur it. I dunno why since she not be the one getting the needle stucked in HER! But knowing wot a klutz my mom be with the needles, that do always be a pawsibility.

  4. Simba, we're glad your mom takes such good care of you. We're sending you our loudest purrs that you feel better and that you get through the fluids okay. We imagine it's not very fun at all, even with lovin' and treats.

  5. Simba, we're glad that you are still feeling good. Keep drinking that will help keep those kidneys flushed out!! Our mom had a cat who came before us that had to have fluids too.

  6. Simba, we are sorry to hear that your kidneys are not doing their job. But we have had lots of cats around here whose kidneys slowed down on their job and they lived a long time just having fluids once a week.
    We will send extra purrs to you to get your kidneys back to work. Take care. Have a fun week end.

  7. Sweet Simba, we hate that you have a kidney problem.Mom got me a fountain so I can drink any time. You have a loving Mama and that sure means a lot.
    You new furriend, Kassey

  8. Simba, I'm so glad your mama is taking such good care of you. Your kidney problem sounds uncomfortable at best. I don't like to feel thirsty and can't imagine how thirsty you must feel.

  9. Oh poor Simba! We're purring for you and hope your kidney problems are fixed soon.

  10. Dear Vic, Please add a full basket of love , caresses and hugs from us every time you'll have to take care of Sweet Simba!We hope it will help him to endure this needle..

  11. Aah, Simba! What you have to go through...!
    You deserve lots of hugs & kisses.
    I'm sure Lucy loves you too, although she may not want to hear me say that...!
    Enjoy your weekend, Big Hug X

  12. Hi Simba, You are indeed a lucky cat to have such a nice home and wonderful mama... I hope that you are comfortable most of the time and that you can maintain your fluid intake.

    Big hugs!

  13. Simba we are so sorry to hear that your kidney problems are a little worse. CRF is what my Mr. Sunshine had. Daily sub Q fluids really helped him.
    You are a sweet kitty cat, and you are lucky to have a mama who can do the shots. I never could I had a friend who did them for me.
    We send your purrs and lots of love.

  14. Oh darling Simba. I am sorry about the kidney problems. the one who came before me also had those..CRF. My mamma loves you all the way from over here and I will purr very hard for you.

  15. Oh Simba, I'm sorry you have to go through getting fluids every day. Tara had to have fluids the other week when she was in the ER and she was not HAPPY at all! Your Mama loves you so much.... some kitties aren't so lucky! It's about time Lucy let you have some blog space! Kovu says Meow.

  16. Simba, you must have your sub-Q fluids as it will help you feel better. Don't forget your meds too.
    Lots and lots of feel good purrs from us.

  17. I hope things take a turn for the better, Simba. It is no fun at all having to deal with this. Lots of hugs and scritches.


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