Friday, December 31, 2010

Soon to be 2011

This picture is on Tuesday, just one day after our big storm.  It's cold, but we have some lovely sunshine, and I'm soaking it up.  I even went out on our patio a few times in the snow to get some fresh air.

I'm a bit annoyed at Mama for making my backside look so large in this picture.  After all, the camera adds 10 pounds.  I'm not that voluptuous.  (If you can get past Lucy's bum, you can see that she's giving me a rather dirty look.)
Any plans for New Year's celebrations?  I'll be eating Fancy Feast, and Mama made a big pot of chicken tortilla soup.  We're going to watch a movie and eat.  We'll probably be all tucked away well before midnight.  

We wish all of you a peaceful, happy New Year!


  1. You are a fine figure of a cat, Lucy!
    A quiet evening also, most probably similar to what your family are doing.
    Wishing you all a Happy New Year & 2011!
    Big Hug Lucy X

  2. Hi Lucy,
    You are very cute, not ifs, ands or butts! Haha!
    My celebration will include a lot of snoozing!
    A very Happy New Year to you and your family.
    ♥ Lucy (Woof!) and family

  3. Happy New Year to your family, Lucy! Enjoy that sunshine. All we have been getting is rain on top of all our snow and the warmer temps are nice, but make the snow hard and jagged. Not good for greyhound feet. It has been raining for a couple of days here, a bit strange for December.

    Stop by our place (Spacial Peepol) and meet the new member of our family when you get a chance. I know she'd like to say hello!

  4. You just has to learn how to werk the camera so you can gib your mom paybacks, hehehehehe! Hope you has a furry Happy New Year!

  5. You look lovely int he sun. We will be staying in with the beans and watching it all on TV. Happy 2011!

  6. We are planning a movie and maybe playing some cards with our assistant. We don't think your backside looks big at all. We sure wish you a very Happy and healthy New Year. Take care.

  7. I love you as you are, from all sides, large or not!
    Here, many things from the sea will be eaten (you know how much we love prawns..), a good movie, some games with family..We will wait till midnight, and then kiss everyone before going to bed!
    I wish you a warm and happy New Year dear Lucy, to share with Pop, Mom, and Simba!

  8. Lucy, you are one gorgeous kittygal, and we think your bum is purrfect.

    We'll be curling up with mama to watch movies, too.......she'll probably be having some popcorn, but we know she'll give us treats!!!!!!!

    We love you and are so happy that you are our friend. We look forward to our friendship continuing in 2011......we also purr that 2011 will be full of really good things for you and your family.

  9. We see your expression, Lucy, can't miss it. LOL.

    We'll be spending a quiet evening at home and you can bet the mom will be asleep before midnight. She was awake at 3:30AM, as usual; no way can she make it to see the new year in.

    Anyway, we wish you a wonderful 2011, filled with laughter, good health, joy and love!

  10. Hi Lucy!! We hope you enjoy your New Year's Eve!! We'll be hiding from the strange peoples that are coming to our house. They are bringing some little peoples so hopefully, they will be gone before midnight!! We wish you and Simba and your mom and all of your family lots of happiness in the New Year!! oxoxox

  11. Happy New Year!!
    We wish you a joyful life
    full of healthy, happiness and pleasure :)

    Hugs Love Anya

    Kareltje =^.^=

    Betsie =(^.^)=



  13. Happy New Year Lucy and Simba!

    Lucy, the ManCats here find your backside QUITE appealing.

    Yr pals, The Katnip Lounge Kitties

  14. Chicken tortilla soup -yum. Happy New Year from us. FAZ & Birks

  15. Hello sweet Lucy. Peanut said he thinks your backside is beautiful. We think so too.
    Our New Years Eve was uneventful until midnight when all the noise began and Ruby barked and barked.
    Today Our Mama mad a big pot of Vegetable Beef soup and cornbread and some humans came over. We aren't social so it was into the boxspring again.
    the dogs never woke up.
    All of us want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year!

  16. Happy New Year Lucy and family! Our NYE was spent at the movies and then upstairs with our neighbors. We had shrimp and scallops!

  17. Happy New Years to you! My mom is always taking pictures of me that make me looks fat! I tell her I am floofy! Not fat!

    You are lovely from all directions!

  18. I think you have a cute look on your face! Also you are lovely in that sunshine there!

    My mom is always taking pictures of me that make me look fat!

    Happy New Year to you!

    We are havings trouble with the Internet tonight! We apologize if you get a message from us more than once!

  19. Oh sweetie,
    Happy 20011!
    Your pictures are wonderful, you are a perfect model to your mommy!
    I also love your header, I'm happy you enjoyed some sun lights there!
    You are a princess and I'm your fan!
    Thanks so much for your friendship!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  20. Greetings,

    We would like to wish you a wonderful 2011, and that it is filled with many treats, sun puddles and belly rubs.

    Warmest regards,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  21. Darlin' Lucy...for the record, again....your bum isn't are purrfect!!!!!!!!

    We want to thank you and your mom for coming by yesterday to help make our mama's birthday such a special day.

    We love you so very much.

  22. a little junk in the trunk is OK Lucy

    Happy New Year sweet girl and to your Mom also


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