Saturday, December 11, 2010


Yesterday, I helped Mama get some Christmas cards done. I was willing to get off my blanket just so I could snoopervise and make sure she finished these. I really have no idea what she would do without me.

As they were about to leave to the post office, Papa noticed there was a nail in the tire.  They spent the rest of the afternoon getting a new tire.  It was expensive and time consuming, but Mama says they're blessed because the mechanic in town was able to fix it and they were able to afford it. 

Mama has a cold so I'm going to go sit with her while she watches movies this afternoon.  We hope you are all having a nice weekend!


  1. Lucy, our mom sure could use an assistant, because she was hit and miss with cards, etc. this year. Not at all organized. Kudos to you for doing such an excellent job snoopervising your own mom!

  2. P.S. Healing purrs to your mom; we hope she feels better soon!

  3. Lucy, you made the supreme sacrifice by leaving your blanket! You are to be commended.
    How the Humans manage to get anything done properly without us a is a mystery.

    They even bathe all wrong.

  4. Lucy how nice of you to leave your blanket. I hope Mama drinks plenty of that tea. It might make her feel better :) Sorry to hear about the tire but at least it's fixed. And your header...Girl...Spectacular :) Have a great weekend :)

  5. Hi Lucy,
    Hope your Mama feels better real soon. My Mom hit a pothole and had to get new tires and an alignment (whatever that is)she was not very happy :(
    It's lots of fun to snoopervise, hehe!
    ♥ Lucy (Woof!)

  6. Lucy you're such a thoughtful kitty. I can promise you your mama enjoyed every minute of your help. I agree with you that a human is much better than an electric blanket for sitting. Your mama will enjoy snuggling with you this afternoon.

  7. Did you swat that pen around and unner the furniture so your mom had to crawl around hunting fur it? The hoomans LOVE doing that, you knows. It do be good eggsersize fur them. (And repayment fur kitteh stairmaster...)

  8. We can see you are signing the cards with your paws. And really nice of you to keep your mom company when she's not well. Purrs to your mom to get well soon.

  9. Bless you lovely Lucy, cuz we know your mama could never have done those cards without your help.

    We also know you will take good care of her and we will be purraying that she soon feels 100% again. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Bonjour sweetie,
    Great job there helping mommy Vicki.
    So sorry about the awful cold, but I know with your love she will be better soon.
    Take good care of her.
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  11. By the way, we LOVED your Christmas card, it's beautiful!

  12. Lucy, what a good girl you are to help Mom get those cards done. You are such a big help. We know Mom will be all better after snuggling with you watching movies. Wow that sounds like a great thing to do. Take care and tell Mom to feel much better.

  13. You are so good to snoopervise your mom! Lucy! Did you gets to watch movies with your mom? I can't think of nothing more fun ... except some catnips maybe!

  14. Your mum is so lucky to have you to help! To help for cards, and to help for watching movies! I hope she 'll be better soon, and that you were not tired too much after all this work!
    Take all a good care of you!

  15. I hope Mama is feeling better! Do you want to come help me with my cards? Kovu doesn't want to!

  16. We are so late in commenting. Lucy we are sorry that mama has a cold. We hope she will feel better soon. It was so nice of you to help her with the Christmas Cards. You are such a good girl. We hope you enjoyed watching movies together.

  17. Nice to see you my sweetheart
    and you are helping your Mommy
    Love your cards
    they are looking very beautiful

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  18. What a good girl you are to help your Mama with the cards. I hope your Mama feels better soon and you both enjoy the movies. :)


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