Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cats on Tuesday: Ratsie Watch

I've been on ratsie patrol lately.  I can go weeks with ignoring him and forgetting he exists, and then I hang out with him again.  Sometimes, he makes me mad (but not as mad as my nemesis makes me), but usually I just enjoy smelling his wonderful scent and chewing on his tail.

Do any of you have a favorite toy or item that you consistently like to spend time with?

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  1. Lucy, ratsie look real except for the colourful tail.

  2. Hi Lucy,
    My favorite toy is called Moon Doggie, it's a stuffie that looks like an alien. I also love to chew Nylabones. Once in a while, just for fun I sneak one of the cat's toys! Hehe!
    ♥ Lucy (Woof!)

  3. I tend to prefur the monkey stuffie wot sounds like a real monkey. Second best be the koala bear stuffie wot giggles like childruns. I would so nom on a ratsie if'n mom would let me.

    I dussn't know if'n the book got there yet or not. Books can take a long time, espeshully around the howlidays when the postal peeples be furry bizzy.

  4. Bonjour sweetie!
    Ahhh you are doing a great job with that Ratzie, no chances for him! :0
    In fact here, it's so cold and I'm a little bit lazy so that lots of naps all day long!
    But I need to exercise myself and do cat platrols as you do there!
    Remember my "David", yellow mouse?Oh yes, I love this toy!
    Luna - We love LUNA

  5. Lucy, fabulous pictures of you! Wow!

    Nicki has a favourite non-squeaky mouse that he'll always go for. Annie likes the long-furred "balls" -- last night she was meowing her fool head off, coming up the stairs with one in her mouth. And Derry has his pipe cleaners, of course!

  6. I love the look you are giving the camera in that first shot Lucy! It's good that you don't let ratsie get to comfortable.

  7. Rosie does it with new mousies ! first thing she does is biting the tail off !!

  8. My boys each have something they enjoy hanging out with...funny how everyone has their own personality!

  9. Sammy doesn't seem to have any interest in toys at all anymore....Andy still plays at times.....his fav is his nip nanner!!!!!

    We luvsya gorgeous Lucy.

  10. You are such a beautiful kitty! My cats love anything with catnip in, although Pepper also likes to play with a plastic ring and flick it around the room...

  11. Oh Lucy, you don't want to know about the strange cat I had one time that regularly tried to mate with a long floppy stuffed dog. He munched the poor thing until he was almost hairless. He napped everyday cuddled with it.

  12. Ratsie is a cool toy I agree! My fave toys are my two dogs Sweepy and Sumo. I love to run around the house with them (I get overtaken a lot!), play hide-and-seek (they can easily sniff me out in seconds!) and do massages a lot! As for them, I am their favorite toy. Proof: all my house clothes have tear on it!

  13. My favorite toy is...well...um...ALL OF THEM!

    Yes, I'm a squeaky addict.


  14. I have a green plastic squeaky octopus that's my favorite!

    I have a week of giveaways going on at www.PetBlogsUnited.com, so stop by & you could be a winner!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  15. The Help button on the PC - unfortunately!

  16. ratsie looks like a cool guy to chew on

    Siren and Isadora change friends so often, they're very fickle

  17. We love our nip nanner, Lucy...that or the nip tomato...we can't get enough of that nip!!

  18. Cute and fun pictures. Ratsie looks like a fun toy.

    Luna definitely has some favorite toys. She likes a few of her larger mousie toys, and a blue nip-filled fish.

  19. Great pictures of you !
    Now, My favorite toys is mom's shoe laces. It's simple but I love it. when mom play with me. It look like snake !

  20. One of my cats loves anything with catnip in it, the other is totally immune with catnip. But give her a cellphone charger or any other thing with a cable, and she's as happy as can be. And that reminds me I need to buy a new charger for my iBook. LOL! :-)

  21. we like something called the Bizzy Kitty - a round donut with a ball inside and holes to reach and and try to get it out!

  22. Jim is mad about paper ribbons that are around gifts. Chestnut loves a ball that can rebound very high.And they both love to jump into the Xmas tree..there will be hard times at home during the next weeks! :)

  23. Lucy, your blog is looking very festive, love the Christmas card!
    Can see you're getting into the spirit of things!
    Enjoy playing with your ratsie.
    I wonder if there'll be a new one in your Christmas stocking this year! ;) Big Hug

  24. Whoa. We absolutely love the "Cat Catcher" toy. It's a tiny mouse that Mummy drags around. It makes us go crazy! Which is why Mummy has to hide it in the wardrobe when we aren't playing or we'll destroy it.

    .....Cosmo and Ling

  25. We aren't interested that much in toys anymore. We play with them only to please our mama. We'd rather sleep the day away and of course we enjoy our mealtimes.
    We think it's nice that you love your ratsie.

    We think your card is wonderful. Our mama doesn't know how to do any of that stuff. We think her needs to learn.

  26. I would probably tear that old ratsie apart like I do all the stuffed toys my mom and dad give me. Hmm...my favorite toy would be my Kong, if you can call it a toy. It is fun to chew on and especially so when it has peanut butter in it.

  27. Our mom's too stingy! :)
    She make us play with her ...
    :) We love trip-the-mom game!

    Love, Lucky & Co


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