Friday, September 3, 2010

Shameless Lucy

Hi Friends,
I don't get to enjoy this lovely sunshine today. Although it's going to be about 80 degrees today, it's gloomy and a little rainy. It may be that a little bit of Earl is effecting our weather.

Last night Mama fed me my nighttime crunchies (I just get a little bit of crunchies at night now) in the bedroom so I wouldn't have to go on the Stairmaster or even leave the room.  I ate most of them and left the room.  A little later she noticed I was gone and found me eating from Simba's bowl. His foodies are special for his kidneys and are fattening.  Mama doesn't understand why I did this since I had my own food in the bedroom.  That's when she called me shameless.  That's right. I'm shameless and proud of it!

Happy holiday weekend to those in the US and happy weekend to the rest!

Saucy Lucy


  1. wow a holiday weekend, how cool!
    oh sweetie, I know these things can happen to everybody,don't be upset okay.I think you were only curious about the different food, that's it!

    Your place is adorable, I love that "fence"and the lights in this picture.Enjoy your balcony and I hope Simba is doing well, we are always thing of you and Simba.
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA
    *** here sis and mommy are busy these days all because next week the school year will start again.Well, I don't mind...I will take another nap! hehehhe

  2. Ah, Lucy my dear, Weezdabadcats because we know no shame!! We love to to shameless things....I knew there was something special about you!! To know that you are shameless just makes me love you more!! Purrs, Lautrec

  3. I know an other shameless one! Jim prefers Chataigne's eating than his own!!you and him would make a beautyful pair! :)
    I wish you a happy week-end, with or without shame!Hugs!

  4. Someone else's food always tastes better! Come by for Ivy's party.

  5. Dear Lucy,
    I must confess that I'm shameless too! I have my own food but I can't resist sneaking my kitty sister's! Their food must be addictive because even when Mom yells at me, I still can' resist!
    I love the innocent expression on your face!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    ♥ Lucy

  6. Food *always* tastes better from someone else's food! Even for humans, food usually tastes better off of someone else's plate. LOL.

    Enjoy your long weekend -- it's a long weekend here in Canada too, so our mom's happy about having Monday off!

  7. We think you look GREAT! Mom wants to let you know that your package will be going out in the mail tomorrow! So, you'll have a surprise coming next week! Have a happy weekend!

  8. Oh, I prefur to call it being opportoonistic, thinking outside the litter box, survival of the fittest...

  9. How could you? Would you like it if Simba ate your foodies? Enjoy your weekend!

  10. "Shame" is not a word most Cats are familiar with. We certainly aren't!

  11. Lucy, we think you were just wanting something different to eat. Nothing wrong with that!!

    Enjoy your weekend. We're supposed to get some real cooler weather (in the 60s!) tomorrow!

  12. I wonder if Simba will try to eat some of your night time crunchies. We think all cats are shameless, that's what makes us so appealing. You are very beautiful in your picture.
    Happy weekend.

  13. ROFLMAO Saucy Lucy. Too funny. Simba should eat some of yours. You have a great long weekend as well :)

  14. Lucy, I can identify with you. Us fat girls have to stick together, we have no shame.

  15. Food on someone else's bowl look better. Have a great weekend.

  16. Ha! I eats Sandusky's food! And Sandusky wants everybody else's food... but isn't allowed it! You are a lovely shameless!

  17. The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side! There's nothing better than forbidden food. :)

  18. Greetings Lucy,

    I hope that you are doing well and getting enough zzz's so that in the early hours you can patrol your territory. Oh well, so you ate from Simba's bowl, don't our parents know we take it when we can get it?

    Have a good Sunday,
    Miss Kitty


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