Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Monday

Hi Friends,
I’ve missed you so much! Mama has been working a lot more than usual and hasn’t had time to help me with my blog. On top of that, she had the nerve to tell me that maybe if I did more than lie in my bed or her bed, I’d have more interesting pictures. Hmph. Maybe if she did something more interesting than work all the time, she could have her own blog.

Well, this weekend Mama and Papa went into Philadelphia to see a Renoir exhibit. Of course, I stayed home and enjoyed some me time. I also enjoyed some clean sheets after laundry time, sunshine on my patio and stealing some of Simba’s food. I’m not boring; I just enjoy the simple pleasures.


  1. We don't think you're boring, Lucy, we think you know how to enjoy being in the Moment!

    BTW, our human is envious that your mom and dad got to see a Renoir exhibit!!!

  2. I think you mom is just jellus that you has a life of leeshure. There do be nuttin boring about that! Going fur a nap now while mom werks - the way life should be.

  3. We think you are FAR from boring! You live the life of a loved kitty! King says you're more than welcome to come share a sunpuddle or two with him. You're looking furry beautiful today (as that's any different than every other day!)

  4. Oh yes sweet Lucy, simple life is the best!And your life is full of love!
    ohhh poor mommy , she has worked so much.It reminds me when my mommy was working in Brazil, and it was not easy in that time,now here at least in these days, she is more calm.She is thinking to search a job here, but still not so confident for that, about her French, and so on.Dad says she would work partial time, or something like that, to make friends,and so on.Well...mommy also says that God always knows what is better in our life, so I believe she will take the right decision in the right moment. =^.^=

    love you sweet Lucy
    Luna - We love Luna

    *** and thanks to you all for the beautiful comments and wishes to my sister!

  5. Sweet, sweet, Lucy, we're so happy you've learned what a joy a simple life can be......we totally love our simple lives. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. You're not boring! I'm sure you do lots more when no one is around to see you.

  7. Paw-some weekend for you! I can sooo relate to enjoying the simple things...I like to steal my mom or dad's seat the minute they get up...I sit right next to one of them when they eat and just give them the poor lil puppy eyes...oh and there is nothing funnier than laying in their bed sideways and stretching, then they have to stay on the edge of the bed!! Give that a try sometime. I hope you and your parents have a wonderful week ahead!

  8. I've missed you too, and I'm glad to see you back!
    I'm sure that Renoir would have loved to have you as a model, dear Lucy!He was great to catch the simple and beautyful moments of life, just like you..Did you know that he had a house not very far from where I live?.. I'll go there for some pictures some day..
    Purrs and love to share with family!

  9. Lucy you definitely are not boring. The simple pleasures in life are the best, especially clean sheets!!
    Peanut sends his love and said you are very pretty in your picture today. We all agree, because that is just what you are, a very pretty Lucy!


  10. Pooh! What your Mom doesn't know is that you are ordering the Universe in your "spare" time...between naps, that is!

  11. Long time no see Lucy dear. You are just as stunning as always. Ooo I love how you enjoy your Lucy time. :) Best be careful what you say about Mama though...remember she controls the food you get to eat :) LOL Hope they had a good time in Philadelphia. I'm sure they did. Take care :)

  12. You could never be boring darling. Tell your mummy she must be at your beck and call 24/7. That's her job.

  13. Hi Lucy,
    You are never boring! One can never have enough naps!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  14. My mom seems to think it's my job to entertain her. Hrmph! I think we should be able to lay around all day if we want to.


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