Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All About Me

I won an award from my dear friend from France, Malyss.  She has two wonderful blogs: Chronicles from the Shore and Benches on My Way.  Also, very importantly, she has two wonderful kitties, Jim and Chestnut (Chataigne). They're French too!
I now have to share seven things about me that hopefully I haven't already shared:
  1. There is no greater threat or violent act than having the air above my ears bitten.
  2. I only hang out in the my bedroom.  I come out only to use the litterbox, eat and go out on the patio. 
  3. I loved to be combed.
  4. My chin is always itchy, and I usually have scabs on it from scratching it too much.
  5. I don't meow much, but I do what Mama calls squawks and tummy meows (do you know what those are?). I also purr a lot.
  6. I LOVE deli meat.
  7. I'm sweet during the day and tart (sometimes) in the evening.  Hence, Mama calls me her sweettart.
I know that a lot of you have received this award, and for those who haven't, you certainly deserve it.  Mama and I enjoy all of your blogs.  Please feel free to pick this up and have fun!
An older photo (2008) of Simba and me in Texas.


  1. Oh sweet Lucy, congratulations for this award, it's a fun game indeed and it's nice to know a little more about you sweetie!
    This old photo is adorable.Do you miss Texas?
    Simba is lovely in this shot!
    Luna - We love Luna

  2. How nice, Lucy, to learn more about you! The air above your ears,huh? I've never heard that one before.

  3. ConCars on your award sweetie! Or shall we say, Sweet~Tart? MOL~!!! What an adorable name.

  4. Congrats! You are such a sweetie! Love today's photo.

  5. Congratulations! You look so comfortable and happy!

  6. Hi ya, Lucy! Congratulations on your award and we enjoyed learning more about you. We didn't know that you only hung out in your bedroom. Our Zoey stays in the bedroom most of the time too...not by choice...she and Wally don't get along so she hasta stay in there. But she doesn't seem to mind much...she's made that bedroom her own!!

  7. Congrats Lucy...very well deserved :)

  8. Congratulations Lucy, you certainly deserve it.
    Peanut said he is happy to know these things about you. He hangs out mostly in his playroom and the dining room.
    Sweettart is such a cute name that your mama has given you.
    We love today's picture.

  9. Con-cat-ulations on the Award!

    I finally headed over to see a picture of your Simba after you commented on my Blog that you have a Simba, too.

    Your Simba is adorable - that expression! I love it!

  10. Oooh we also love number 6! Nice to learn more about you Lucy.

  11. "Sweettart"?!! haha! Just love this name! :)
    Jim does not meow, but Chataigne is a great talker!I love the picture of you two among flowers!

  12. Miss Sweettart, We LOVE deli meat too! Isn't that amazing? MOL!
    ConCats on your award, we always enjoy fun facts about our friends.


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