Friday, July 30, 2010

Finally Friday!

I'm so happy that the weekend is just about here!  I don't have any plans, but the weekend means Mama has more time for me.  Well, I do have plans, but they aren't any different from any other day.  It's a cat's life!

Yesterday, I got to skip the stairmaster in the morning.  Mama was going downstairs with my food when she saw a huge spider.  It was early and Papa, aka spider-catcher, wasn't up yet.  Therefore, we stayed upstairs and away from the hideous beast (Mama's words).  Well, she wasn't wearing her glasses and she found out later after Papa went to catch it (and then release it outside) that it was a cricket.  Knowing her, she still wouldn't have gone downstairs.  Worked out great for me.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Any plans?


  1. Hi Lucy,
    This is such a cute picture of you with your pretty green eyes and pink nose.
    My Mom doesn't like creepy crawly thing either.
    Enjoy your weekend :) I'm just going to hang out with Mom and Dad.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  2. OMD, your mom would has gone crazzee at the cabin we woz at in Furginia. Efurry morning mom would has to catch a humungus white mutant cricket and put he outside. The next morning he would be back. Even grossed me out and you know how I like to put the bitey on bugs. We is hoping to go to the Catskill mountains again with the boy this weekend but he mite has to werk and mom woked up with a sore throte this morning so they is not sure now. Boo.

  3. Lucy you look so pretty in this picture! I've been finding crickets in my house lately too. They can be pretty noisy at night!

  4. MOL~!!! Our mom is the SAME way! She HATES spiders. And believe us when we tell you...we have some REAL dandy's up here in the woods. Some are so B~I~G that our dad name them. We have this really big one that likes to live in our shed who dad so lovingly names, Charles. Mom just wants him to move out! Glad to hear the stair master was skipped today! Have a happy weekend!!!

  5. You certainly deserve a rest from the stairmaster! :)

  6. We would have stayed upstairs from the spider too!

  7. I am also glad for the weekend aswell Lucy!
    I don't like finding creepy crawlies in the house either. You have a lovely weekend!

  8. Hahaha, that's funny, that your mom mistook the cricket for a spider. It did work out well for you, Lucy!

    No exciting plans for us, though it IS a long weekend here in Canada, so we'll have our human home on Monday. Yay!

    Have a terrific weekend!

  9. What a fantastic picture of you, sweet Lucy...what gorgeous eyes you have!!!!!

    Have a relaxing weekend, sweetie. xxxxxxxxx

  10. One of the dads favorite qualities to my eyes: catching beasts of all kinds!
    Seeing you on this beautyful picture, you don't seem to be disturbed so much by the spider-criquet-thing.Our plans are shopping for a birthday, and sunday, visiting a beautyful japanese exhibition in Monaco ; The japanese name for cat is "Neko"; you're a lovely neko, dear Lucy!

  11. HaHa! It's good you got to skip the stairmaster this morning. At our house Mommy is the spider-slayer. Daddy is too kind-hearted...Mommy just SMASHES 'em! There's nothing even left to sniff when she's done.

  12. HE he he he he! That's awesome! You need to start "planting" spiders downstairs so that your mom leaves your food upstairs!

  13. What a lovely photo of you! My mom is always trying to get a close-up of me but no way! I don't understand why she is always sticking a camera in my face. Good thing you protected your mama from the horrendous creature! I am lounging about this weekend, maybe the parents will take me for a couple of long walks.

  14. You look so cute there, Lucy! Our mom doesn't like spiders much either, or crickets for that matter. She doesn't like bugs at all!! But she will try to catch them and then put them outside. You'd think she'd give them to us...

  15. Lucy, that is a lovely photo of you. Coz mum lives alone with me she is the chief bug lady, and even though she doesn't like them, she usually takes them outside and throws them in the neighbours garden.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  16. Bonjour sweetie,
    wow what a story, my mommy Léia is always always always afraid of spiders, she can not think about these little critters! :)
    And you are so brave and soooo beautiful!This picture is adorable, you has such a charming eyes! :)
    I'm happy here 'cause my beans come back home and my sis and big brother as well.But mommy said my big brother needs to go back to University in Brazil next week, so...I need to enjoy this weekend with him.He is really nice with me! :)
    I miss you so much, so glad now visiting you!
    purrs and always love
    Luna ( and mommy Leía )

  17. That is a sweet picture of you!

    A cricket!! Did you gets to play with it before your dad put it out?

    My mom is deadly scared of spiders.... every night when she goes to bed she looks around at the ceiling in her bedroom to makes sure there isn't any lurking ups theres!!! She thinks she is overdue for one!

  18. We've been running about but today is all about cooking roast lamb and sharing with the kitties.

  19. By the way Lucy, my mommy Léia doesn't know what is a cricket, anyway it doesn't matter because she is always afraid of insects, any kind...unless butterflies. :)
    purrs and love

  20. You are so pretty Lucy
    I hope you had a great weekend

    I loved the stairmaster post, I know how you feel :)

  21. Ahhh...spiders. Yes, our Mom is there number one enemy, but thanks to Dad, the ones that venture into the house have a chance at life because he (like your Dad), catches them and takes them outside. Mom, if forced to confront a spider, does it from as far away as possible and strikes hard and fast. Mom does have another weapon - no, not me, I am a worthless spider getter because I just gently paw them until they run away and MOM HATES THAT!! No, the other weapon is Tiny...uh-huh...Mom just points as close as possible to the spider and says 'fly' in French and Tiny goes to the 'spot' and eats it. Tiny has even eatten 'spots' (spiders) that were almost as big as her paw. You can bet that Mom was very, very thankful to Tiny and gave her extra love for her bravery.

    As for the stairs...hunny, you have one set of CARPETED stairs...would you believe that in our house, the kitchen is on the ground floor, but our toilet it up in the attic (below a big roof eliminate the smell??) so each morning we have to go down the stairs (slippery wood) to have our breakfast, then go back up the stairs then go up more slippery stairs to the toilet then back down both sets of stairs to go outside!! Need I explain why, in the summer, I do my business outside as often as possible? And Mom thinks we nap a lot...hey! We are all tuckered out from our potty trips! Let her climb the Empire State Building every time she has to go to the loo!! Sorry...I got carried away!! Purrs, Lautrec P.S. You have the prettiest green eyes..I've said it before and I'm saying it again...I'm in love.

  22. Glad you got a break from the stairmaster!

  23. Hi sweet Lucy. We have missed you as we have been off for awhile. We see that you have been too. Hope all is well with all of you.
    Mama is afraid of crickets. She said that she doesn't like the way they hop around and land on her.
    Hugs and love to Lucy and her mama from Peanut
    and Boo-Bah
    Paw shakes from Marshmellow and lots of woofy barks from the chihuahuas!

  24. Lucy, you are silly! Tara does not like spiders either... but then neither do I, but in this family I have to be the spider catcher! I try to get Kovu to eat them!!

    I just had a two day "mid week" weekend, but for the next couple weeks, I get Saturdays off too.... Yeah for me. Triple Birthday party on Saturday afternoon.... work Friday and Sunday night. Maybe a train ride to Philly Saturday morning (I've been saying that for months so it probably won't happen!)

    Say hi to Mama and Papa!

  25. Hi we came to hug and wish a lovely weekend.Kisses.

  26. :) Our mom gets all funny and "loud" when she sees a spider ..... typical woman! :)

    Love from all of us!


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