Friday, August 20, 2010

Hooray for Friday!

Mama has been working some long hours lately.  I pretty much sleep all day with a few eating interludes, but I like to play in the evening. The great thing about Mama is that she almost always plays with me in the evening no matter how late it is or how tired she is.  I'm playing with Ratsie's tail in the above picture.

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. Hi Lucy,
    It's nice that your Mama takes time to play with you, even when she's tired. I hope you all have a nice weekend.
    ♥ Lucy (Woof!)

  2. Lucy, your mama loves you so much to entertain you though she's tired.

  3. Mom's are the best! Even when they're tired, they still make time for us! Have a happy weekend!

  4. We're so happy that your mama loves you so much, Lucy.


  5. Yay fur Furiday! That means tomorrow be Saturday. Dubbull yay!

  6. Hello Lucy,
    Your mommy is so adorable!You, Simba and Dad are lucky to have her lovely energy around you. :)
    Here I'm also happy today because the Sun is smiling and it's wonderful after so many rainy days.
    I hope you can enjoy your naps during the weekend!
    Purrs and always love
    Luna - We love Luna

  7. Lucy, you have wonderful paws. I love cats with big feet.

  8. Lucy, it's so nice your Mama plays with you every day. We get play time in the evening too, we look forward to it all day.

    pee ess: a TRIPLE decker bed!?! What a life!

  9. Like our Mom said today; it isn't a matter of 'taking' time, but of 'making' time to be with matter how busy Mom is, she always makes the time to be with us. She thinks that we deserve to have her attention as much as possible and giving us that attention should be a pleasure for us all - not a chore - because love isn't a job, it is a have to have it! We think our Mom needs us as much as we need her. It sounds like your Mom needs you a lot, too and that is why she plays with you...because she loves you so much that she just has to be with you and needs to be with you. We are happy that your life is good and that you make your Mom's life good too. Every kitty should have and know such love!!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  10. What a nice mama you have. We have to stay in our room when the dogs are out so whenever the dogs are shut up, we play with our mama too.
    We like your ratsie.
    We send woofs, purrs, and paw shakes to you, simba and your mama.

    Happy Weekend
    to all

  11. You mean Lucy you left your three tiered bed? LOL That is so nice of mama to play with you. Have a good weekend :)

  12. Tails are always a nice toy, it doesn't matter to whom they belong. Poor Arthur knows that ! Rosie too likes tails.

  13. You have a lovely mama!You and her, when you'll have a little time, come on my blog, there's a surprise for you! not as great as your mouse,of course, but you should like it anyway...

  14. sleeping with a few eating interludes is such a good life Lucy
    especially when your Mom then plays with you in the evening

    you're a lucky girl

  15. Your mom is so fun I bet! I love that my mom plays with me during the day (IF I am not having a long afternoon nap) and my dad takes over playtime when he comes home from work. Then I am good and tired and crawl into their bed for the night. Life is soooo good for me! Woof!


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