Friday, May 21, 2010

We Got Mail

We won a drawing that the gang at The Cats of Wildcat Woods had for Yoko's 17th Gotcha Day.  They sent us a book titled "The New Natural Cat." Mama has already started reading it and is enjoying it.  I'm expecting to be newer and more natural in the near future.

Word is we're relaxing again this weekend.  Of course, Mama has chores and errands and stuff, but I don't.
Happy Weekend!


  1. Concatulations on winning! Lovely photo of you near the flower, the lovely pink accents your furs. Happy weekend.

  2. Hi Lucy,
    Congrats on winning! You look very lovely next to the pretty plant, I think pink is your color!
    Have a happy and relaxing weekend.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  3. Hey Lucy! Congratulations on winning - I hear that is a good book...well, our Mom heard that it is a good book...we don't know how to read...yet. Soon, though, I think we will get to that soon...yeah, real soon. Have a great, relaxing weekend and do try to help out your Mom...if you can figure out how, then if you do, please tell us because our Mom is always asking us to 'help out' and we just can't fathom what those words mean!! Enjoy! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  4. Congrats! Have a fun weekend reading your new book! Be sure to get lots of treats....reading and treats just go sure to tell your mommy that....enjoy!

  5. Congratulations on winning the book!

    We think it's better to be chores, no worries and stress about life stuff...MUCH better to be cats! :-)

    BTW, we like your new photo header!

  6. I think reading and relaxing go paw-in-paw with the hoomans so there mite be lots more reading going on at your place this weekend and you mite be new and natural rilly fast. Congrats on winning! Dixie did fine with her surgeries, thanks for asking! We is just waiting on biopsy results now from one of her lumps wot woz removed.

  7. You have the most beautiful fur Lucy! Congratulations!

  8. Meow..meow..
    I love your new header Wow!! Wow!!
    You are adorable :-)

    You are a lucky girl !!!
    Have all a Happy Weekend
    Hugs to all from
    Kareltje & Anya

  9. Looking forward to a fabulous you, Lucy!

  10. Lucy, our mom can't seem to spell this morning so she had to delete our previous post!!!!!

    Kudos on winning!!!!! You are such a beautiful gal.......we are so thankful to have you as our friend. xxxxxx

    YAY, we think she spelled everything correctly this time.....:)

  11. I love that you're expecting to be newer and more natural soon
    that sounds very refreshing

  12. ConCats on your win! We, well the beans, have a furry bizy weekend! It's Wren's 4th Birthday Pawty tomorrow and her true bday is the 26th. So, we'll have LOTS of noms around when they get back. They're having her pawty at the park. King says, you're more than welcome to come hang at our house...

  13. Hello dear Lucy!
    wow cool surprise, congratulations!
    I think this book is interesting.Your pictures are wonderful,also Loved your header!
    Happy weekend
    hugs , purrs and love

  14. More mail! you're so appreciated!Beautyful new banner, interesting book and good plans for the week-end!Who needs to ask for more?
    hugs from the riviera!

  15. Sounds like a great read! Hope you'll pass along some tips!

  16. Congrats my friend. :) Have a wonderful do nothing weekend :)

  17. Congrats on winning that book, Lucy!! We hope your mom learns something good from it! Enjoy your weekend relaxing! We're gonna watch our mom plant stuff in the yard!

  18. Congratulations with the win! Looks like you may have some light reading!?! while your Mama is doing her errands/chores!

    Enjoy your weekend! Big Hug Lucy!

  19. Lucy, watch your back. It's dangerous when your mama starts reading new books. You may be in for a different kind of life.

  20. Yea! Presents are always good!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and for thinking about the Celiac Awareness. I don't know what the problem could be with getting the badge. Sorry you had trouble with it, thanks so much for giving it a shot. Really appreciate that. You all have a nice relaxing weekend!

  21. Glad you got the book! Enjoy it and you look great just the way you are Lucy!

    cats of wildcat woods

  22. Lucy, you look so beautiful in your new photo header. and guess what? Twylah might have a new sister. Our neighbors came a few hours ago, if we wanted to adopt a pixie bob. We said said yes without hesitation. The owner wanted to put her to sleep, because she does not want to take her to where she is relocating. Poor thing..

  23. Wow, congrats on winning! I cannot wait to hear about all that natural stuff. My mom is trying to convert the whole household to more naturel whatever it is and I am afraid I am on her list.....I love your header photo and my mom said to tell you its beautiful. Hope your parents have a wonderful weekend and if I was you, I would definitely take naps in the sun.


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