Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Morning

We had a good weekend. Mama and Papa went to Philadelphia on Saturday to walk around in the sunny weather. They got wind gusts later in the afternoon though. I spent a lot of time in my bed napping and hanging out.  Mama had to work for a few hours Sunday afternoon. Then she made a big pot of soup for dinner. Unfortunately, it was potato soup, which means there wasn't any meat.

The cat food supply in this house is getting dangerously low.  I'm sending Mama out to PetSmart today.

We hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!


  1. Hi Lucy,
    Glad to know the good news.You look sooo gorgeous in your pictures, I love your pink blanket!
    We had beautiful mother's day here and my big brother called mommy from Brazil and she cried a lot , but tears of happyness for sure. LOL
    Have a nice week sweetie
    hugs, purrs and love

  2. Lucy, your pink blankie is pretty! Very girly! Make sure your mom has treats on her PetSmart list, and maybe even a new toy or two! :-)

  3. Good thing you stayed home and inside coz it woz crazzee windy out there! Mom will be at the store today too coz we has almost runned out of kitteh noms. I think she should pick up dog noms while she is there, just to play it safe.

  4. Gorgeous photos again! You look lovely against pink.

  5. Beautiful photos, Lucy!!!!!!!! Pink is definitely a good color for you, also. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Hi Lucy,
    Don't you look comfy in your kitty bed and pretty pink blankie.
    My Mom loves potato soup!
    Have a great day.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  7. You look like you were sitting pretty in pink ...

    Great pics of you ...

    And, tell your Mommy to buy kitty food NOW

  8. You look so chillaxed in your sun puddle! Our beans went to petSmart this weekend and we gots NEW foods. Blue Buffalo Spa Selects Indoor. It's furry YUMMY~!!! And, we gots a new poopie box. But, we're not using it yet and mom changed the litter Saturday morning, before they went. Have fun!

  9. What a precious face! You look rather tired :)
    Don't know what kind of food you eat, but our WalMart has added Fancy Feast canned food to their "rollbacks" and it is now only .30 a can - that might apply to your area as well. It is .56 at the grocery store!
    Have a great day!

  10. Guess what???? You won the drawing for Yoko's Gotcha Day - the New Natural Cat book! Send Mom your address via email - calcatsndogs at gmail dot com! Congrats and thanks for coming!

  11. Tell your mommy to RUN don't walk to get you food! You would not want to run out!

  12. Lucy, you are a knock out in todays photos. She better watch out or tom cats will be knocking on your door.

  13. Glad mama and papa had fun and a good weekend. So Lucy ya need meat all the time huh? You should give the potato soup a try. I bet it is delish. You look comfy. Have a great week ahead :)

  14. Hi my sweety Lucy
    You are looking so cute
    did you have again a new blanket ;)
    Every time when I see you its another color.
    But its okay girls want always new stuf !!

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  15. Sounds as if your parents had a nice weekend as well as you. Good thing you are on your toes (or paws)about keeping a check on the cat food supply...maybe your mom is putting you on a diet? My mom is always telling my dad not to give me so many treats, man I wish she would not do that...who else will sneak them to me? Hope you and the rest of your family have a nice, sunny week.

  16. We hope your mom gets you some good foods, Lucy...and lots of it!!

  17. You're almost out of food?! You poor kitty! I sure hope your mom got you more today!

    My uncle and aunt and people cousins go to Philadelphia every couple of months. My baby people cousin has to go to the hospital there. It's a super-long trip since we all live in Illinois.

  18. Oh dear, I hope Mom made it to the grocery. We sure don't want you to be hungry. You sure look so pretty sitting on your lovely pink blanket. Keep us posted on the food supply and we will send some if you don't get any. Have a great week.

  19. Heya Lucy! You look beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! Such nice pictures of you and you look so happy and content. Sorry about the meatless potato soup, but humans are weird like that. We don't get it either. Ours go for days without eating meat. Thank goodness we don't live on their food or we would starve to death!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny


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