Wednesday, May 12, 2010

File Your Complaint Here

On Monday I said that Mama needed to go to PetSmart because we were low on cat food. Well, a lot of you commented that she better get to the store ASAP. Did she heed that advice? I guess it depends on one's definition of ASAP.

At 8:45 p.m. (yes, in the evening, not morning), she strolled into the kitchen, looked at the cat food and nonchalantly mentioned that she should go since there was only enough left for one meal. She left the house at 8:48 and PetSmart closes at 9:00! Now, if she were almost out of her precious coffee/diet soda/cookies/etc, I know she would have left much earlier.

All is forgiven, however, because she got us Greenies.  She hasn’t been feeding us treats because of the whole waistline thing, but these are only 2 calories per treat. I’ve never had Greenies before. They are delicious! She said that I’ll only get two a night. Sigh. I’m not big on moderation.


  1. The nerve of her to wait so long till it was time for the store to close. Is it too much to ask for food when we do so much around the house?
    At least she got you treats.

  2. She waited all day before going out? Aaahhhh! That was a close call! Good thing she made up for being so slack by bringing home treats!

    P.S. We don't like Greenies, our human fed ours to the neighbourhood cats. (We like pretty much any other treat, though!)

  3. So funny...I loved the mood of this post , sweetie!
    Hummm we didn't know those Greenies, it looks good, mommy will look for it next time at petshop.
    *** there is some holiday here, a kind of BIGGG weekend, you that my beans will out of the city for some days.I will stay here doing my catpatrols, and dreaming about my friends!See you next Monday!
    hugs, purrs and always love
    Luna (and mommy Léia)

  4. Hi Lucy,
    That was sure cutting it close! But it sounds like you are all set now...and Greenies too!
    Enjoy your day.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  5. Thank goodness she got their before they locked their doors! That would have been devastating! And we like Greenies too! King thinks your waistline is divine. That comic is HISSterical (and yet, so true!)

  6. I'm happy to hear you have your food :))
    Before the shops where closed .... LOL
    It can happens Lucy ......
    your Mama will never forget you :)
    Hugs from Kareltje =^.^=

  7. Mom always waits until the last moment to get our food! She waits until we have nothing left and has to go! Moms!!!!! Thanks for stopping by at our party and gald you won!

  8. I don't think your Mama would let you starve! My Gracie loves those Greenies.

  9. Oh Lucy with those kind of remarks mama might cut you down to only one per day. It's not nice to talk about mama's coffee. LOL. Just ask Mother Nature. :)

  10. Oh, the suspense! Doesn't she realize you could easily starve to death without kitty food in the house?!?!

    I loooove Greenies. Mom won't buy 'em very often 'cause I can make one disappear in record time. She's upset 'cause I don't chew or something. *rolls eyes*

  11. Lucy, in today's picture you look like you're not in the mood to take anything off your Mom. Remember, don't bite the hand that feeds you.

  12. Oh my I always try to keep food on hand..........
    there's nothing like a bunch (in my house anyway)
    of cats yammering and meoooaoowing for food! And
    the "beg faces" they make, get me every time.
    Poor Lucy's got "That" look..... where's the food mom? :)

  13. Our humans are really strange at times!!!!

    We'll have to ask our Mama to get us some Greenies.

    MOL....loved the cartoon. xxxxxxxxx

  14. Lucy, greenies are our favorite treats now!! We love them! But our mom will only give us 2 or 3 a day too....RATS!!

  15. OMG, no wonder about the waistline, I am giving Twylah at least 5 treats. Maybe I should cut it down.

    Thanks for all your readers' advise.

  16. Treats, Yum! Hopefully you've got over the hunger pangs Lucy! Big Hug!

  17. We all know that our kitties are nothing but cousins of great lions lost in the (wrong) jungle of big cities..:)I like the comic at the end of your post!It is sooo true!

  18. What a very close call!!! At least you have some make-up-Greenies. Nice, very nice.

  19. Mebbe you dussnt holler loud enuff, Lucy. Rememmer my mom had to go get kitteh noms that same day and she wented rite on hers lunch hour coz the feral kittehs woz a hollerin' they fool heds off! They had only been out of foods for a cuppul of hours. But the only way to shut them up woz to go buy noms - NOW, not ASAP. So practice your hollerin' and that should lite a fire unner your mom.

  20. Yeah, believe me, if my mom was running low on milk chocolate she would rush out of here like she was in a race! But then again, I have never run out of food, yet...Your new treats sound delish, my mom just bought me some more treats too. I love it when dad gives me a treat, he usually gives me two!


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