Friday, June 21, 2013

Treats Review!

Kitties and Friends,
Today is a great day! I know you're probably wondering if I finally caught a bird or the Lady finally stopped kissing all over me or if I got unlimited foodies. No, although you're right that all those would make a for a great day. 

I was contacted to do a review on treats. Treats! e-mailed the Lady to see if I would be interested in giving my honest opinion on New Balance Chicken treats. Would I? Are cats orange?* Of course I would!

These treats are healthy not having corn, soy, wheat, artificial flavors or colors, but more importantly, they have chicken as their first ingredient and they're only one calorie per treat.

I can wholeheartedly recommend these treats. Thanks, Chewy, for sending them for my review!

*The lady reminded me that not all cats are orange. Sorry.


  1. Great review, Annie! Are you going to share?

  2. Just because all cats aren't orange, doesn't invalidate the question "are cats orange?!" ;)

    Glad you enjoyed your treats

  3. The job of your dreams !:o)

    Half of my cats are orange! :o)

    Happy summer to you!

  4. Great review Annie, but you better have some more just to be sure MOL!

  5. Great job on the review, Annie! That's too funny about the orange kitty bit. MOL!

  6. hehehe are cats orange....hehehe,xx Speedy

  7. we're all ornj on the inside, MOL!!!

    Annie, we're glad you liked those treats!

  8. Annie we don't think we've commented on your new header and that is one fabulous picture of you! YOU did a fantastic review!

  9. hhmmmmm....

    burd flavored treetz.......

    ok then, well, heerz still ta a grate week oh end....73 fishin poles iz on de way :)

  10. MOL at orange!! :) Glad you like the treats Annie Bear. I wish we had Chewy in the UK :( I'd be all over them :)

  11. What a good review, Annie. We were asked to review those treats too...but the mom hasn't let us try them yet.

    And Annie...all the cool cats are orange. ;)



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