Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lucy Update

With Mama

Guess what? I'm feeling better. Every day I get a little better. Mama has been bringing my food and water to me but I'm now getting up a little more to get it myself. I've been through a lot and the impact from the fall may have affected my bladder, but that still remains to be seen. I go to the litter box a lot but each time only a little comes out although it takes a long time.

Today we had to go back to the vet to have my cast checked. Plus, I got it all icky from my litter box so they changed the outer bandages and two of the nurses signed it. The cast is very heavy so walking around tires me out. It also makes me a little clumsy. 
New cast
  I like to keep it clean.

This is my doctor, Doctor Hartland. Mama and I call her our hero but she called me her hero!

She is sweet and caring. We are so thankful for her and her staff.

This is one of my nurses, Lana.

Well, I just wanted to share our good news. We appreciate all your nice comments you left us.

Annie wants to say goodbye. She was peeking out of her "office" when we came home from the vet.


  1. Sweetie Lucy. We're so happy to get this good update. Maybe your bladder is still slightly bruised from the fall? Hopefully it will heal in time. :) Doctor Hartland looks like a really lovely, caring vet.
    Hi Annie! You're looking so nice and comfy.

  2. Oh Lucy we are happy to hear you are improving! It takes a little more time for us oldsters to heal...just ask our Daddy!
    We loved seeing you with your Mommy, that is a wonderful photo.

    And kisses to Annie and Simba too!

  3. How nice to see your mama, Lucy! You has been hiding her on us. Your V-E-T looks furry nice and I see you get lots of hugs and smooches. I betcha your cast gets dirty from going in the litter box all the time and taking so long on purpose just so you can go back and get hugs and smooches from your V-E-T. I is on to you, girlfurrend!

  4. Lucy, your cat makes our human want to cry, but we're so glad you're getting better. Continued purrs and purrayers and hugs. BTW, nice to put a face to the human name behind the blog! :-)

  5. P.S. Your mom's actually quite a bit younger than we had imagined for some reason. Not sure why! LOL.

  6. From all those pictures, I understand one important thing: LOVE is one of the most important drugs to help to cure any disease or accident! :o)
    So I add mine, and Jim's and Chestnust's ones, to help Lucy going better sooner! :o)
    Gros bisous from us all!

  7. Lucy, we are happy to hear you are getting better with each passing day. Keeping you in our thoughts and purrs and prayers. Such a cute cast!

  8. Lucy, we are so glad you are doing better. We're gonna keep on purring for you until you are ALL better!! We love you lots!! oxoxox

  9. We are sending more purrs and headbutts. You are such a good girl!

  10. Hi Lucy, we just read now that you had such a bad accident. Falling down three storeys! We are very glad that you got out of this relatively well. That cast sure looks heavy, but'll come off in no time. Please heal quickly! We're sending you many healing purrs. Siena & Chilli

  11. so glad you are doing better. I hope your bladder rights itself pretty quickly and you are back to normal soon.

    Purrs to you, your mom, and your care team!

  12. Yippee for feeling better. More purrs sent to help heal everything rightly! Extra purrs...

  13. Nice to see your mama! I'm glad you are feeling better.

  14. Darling, I have to tell you that yours was one of the 7 blogs that mom accidentally and unknowingly hid. She only found she did that yesterday so we missed your news, you precious girl. Mom and I love you SO much and I am so sorry that we didn't know so we could purr and pray with and for you.

    All my love dear heart.

    Katie and her mamma

  15. I hope my comment came thru dearest Lucy. I will check back.

  16. Hello Annie love. I didn't mean to ignore you. xxxooo

  17. Aww...Lucy, so sorry to hear of your fall!!! What a tense & worrying time for your family! Just please to hear you are progressing & improving!

    Big Hug! X

  18. Lucy, we are so sorry to hear about your fall! Poor baby! We are thankful to hear you are feeling better and please keep us updated. We are sending much love and healing prayers your way.
    We love you sweet girl xoxoxoxo
    Sherlock,Ash and Traveler
    PS Love the picture of you with your Mommy!

  19. Oh Lucy, I am sorry to hear about your fall, but glad you have been doing better. I have not been finding much time for checking in on blogs. I apologize for being a bad friend!


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