Friday, August 12, 2011

My Week

Hi friends. This has been a week of sunshine and fresh breezes.  I'm just kickin' it here like I usually do at this time of day.

I've taken up a new habit that Mama isn't thrilled about.  I walk around meowing very loudly late at night.  I'm usually pretty quiet so Mama doesn't understand what all this meowing means.  I'm not giving her any hints so she just needs to figure it out.  

I tried a little macaroni and cheese the other day.  Where has this stuff been all my life?

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Old age dementia? Seriously. Or the hyper-t? You're hyper-t, aren't you, Lucy? Or are we thinking of someone else?

    Or maybe you just have great stories to tell all night long! :-D

  2. I am sure you just want another large taste of that Mac and cheese. That is good stuff. You look very pretty sitting in those sunbeams Lucy. Take care and have a fantastic week end.

  3. Sorry you are having trouble sleeping at night Lucy. I hope your Mama can figure it out.

  4. Older cats do that sometimes - howl at night. It can't be fun for Mom!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  5. Mac and Cheese! Oh, I love that too!

    Are you meowing at night because you can't sleep? Cosmo does it sometimes too. I don't know why either. But he doesn't do it everyday nor does he do it for very long....

    Have a great weekend, Lucy!

  6. Sounds like you've had quite a week Lucy!
    It must have been wonderful to have got the chance to eat macaroni & cheese, delicious!
    But you really do need your beauty sleep Lucy, so does your Mama! Hope you both have a more peaceful night soon! Big Hug!

  7. We have heard that sometimes kitties howl at night as they get *gasp* older...have your Mom play with you for a few minutes before bedtime and give you a small snack, this should entice you to groom and nod off.

  8. Oh! And valerian root before bedtime is a sure thing for us! We sleep like logs.

  9. Hi Lucy,
    We have missed you lots. You should come to our house Mama makes macaroni and cheese for the man a lot. Personally we would rather eat a bug or two.
    Have a great weekend.
    Peanut, Marshmellow
    Ruby and Pearlene

  10. Mom and I don't sleep well either. Maybe you just need a snack like I do in the late hours. We hope Mom finds out what's wrong. I never get Mac and cheese, sweet Lucy.
    xoxo Kassey

  11. I had the same with my old cat Lisa she suddenly started howling in the night. After having tried out I don't remember what, I finally locked her in Mr. G's office, with litterbox and food and a little light on !! and from that day (or night) on she was quiet. Maybe she suffers from anxiety and gets lost in the dark.

  12. Miss Lucy !!!! Miss You !!!!
    And Don't worry, Miss Lucy
    My mom never understood " Meow " At Night too ! if I sit at the back door, she will guess " I'm thirsty or want to use the litter " she will put me in front of the water bowl or throw me to the litter box ( both things I love to do outdoor ). But Lots of time, my meow didn't mean that way. Any way, whatever she thought, she never let me out at night. we always end up in da bed : )

  13. Them macaroni and cheeses are goods! Major goods! We sure do like your big sun puddle there! You just as pretty as always.

    Have a super good weekend!

  14. Hmmmm. Mebbe a nice long hike will make you sleep thru the nite. Werks fur me!

  15. Lucy, we understand nights can be long and lonely. When it gets too much, just jump up on mom's bed and snuggle up to her. Good Luck! :)
    Our human loves your picture in the header with your belly resting on the floor. :)

  16. HIYA LUCY~!!! We have missed you all so furry much (especially King). Google deleted our old account and we were having "issues" with Blogger, but we are back (sprodically) as mom just got a new job and is furry bisy~!!! Glad to see you are well and as beautiful as ever~!!!

  17. macaroni and cheese? what's that? we have to investigate. tonight when the humans open the fridge, we'll poke our heads in there ans see about this.

    Emma and Buster

  18. Hi ya, Lucy! Mac and cheese?? We've never had that before! But anything with cheese has got to be good!!

    We wonder why you are meowing late at night too...sometimes kitties with hyper-T will do this...or maybe you just need some reassurance that everything is okay.

  19. Hi Lucy,
    How's the night meowing going? Are you and family happy to be back in Southern CA.? Thanks for visiting today. Mama is hardly ever on anymore so we don't get too many comments.


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