Thursday, August 25, 2011

Annie Update

It seems strange to post without pictures, but I just don't have any today.  I posted about Annie last Saturday.  If you missed it, she's a five-year-old kitty whose owners are moving and saying they can't take her with them.

Well, we decided to take Annie.  I couldn't stand the thought of her going to a shelter even though I know there are tons and tons of kitties who are homeless or in shelters.  Actually, we knew all along we were going to take her in, but I was hoping to find her a home.  Two senior kitties in a small apartment makes it very difficult to bring in another kitty.
Last weekend we met Annie's owners.  They are a young married couple and also have a dog.  They are actually quite nice, and I didn't press them on why they insist they have to give up Annie.  I don't understand that decision.  It's just strange because they had all her vet records, took good care of her it seems, gave me all her belongings, took her to the vet earlier this week and bought us food and litter.  It just seems like irresponsible people wouldn't do all that.

I picked her up today.  She's never lived with other cats but she's very afraid of their dog.  Unfortunately, I don't have a room for her to be separated from Lucy and Simba.  She's afraid of them and they're afraid of her, so there has been some hissing, growling and swatting.  Annie has been under the bed for the last few hours.  We've shown her the litter box a few times and I'm just hoping she'll use it when the time comes.  It's 9:30 in the evening right now and she hasn't used it since coming here at 2:30.

I hope I'll have better news about all this within the next few days.  Right now, we're all stressed and crabby.  I feel so sorry for the cats.  Annie is so scared and spent the whole afternoon desperately trying to find a hiding place.  She hasn't eaten or drank either.  Well, at least she has a home.  I just hope she'll be happy here.  I also hope Lucy and Simba will be happy and content again.  I remember when we brought Bucky home that they never felt comfortable with him.


  1. Hi Vicki, I am glad you took Annie. She looks so loving and sweet. Like you, we have two cats and still both don;t get along. Pixie is the "A" cat.

    I hope the three of them get along. Take it easy.

  2. A lovely thing you have done, giving Annie a home! Really hope she settles in & with time, all the cats accept it. Take care!

  3. So glad you took Annie. Time! All 3 of them need time. We were adults when our human took us home at different times but over time we learn to love each other. Purrs and hugs to Annie, Lucy, Simba and you. :)

  4. Me too, I'm so glad Mommy Vicki took Annie : )
    I purrs for all can get along well so soon.
    and hope Annie will be settle with you so soon. I used to hear from lots of blogs of our friend, Feliway has a very calming effect on cats. May be can be another option for you to help Annie clam down : )

  5. I think This post of Katnip Lounge might help you to help Annie get along with Lucy and Simba

  6. Poor Annie. Do you have a large carrier she could hide in? Put a blanket over the top of it, make it like a cave? Is your bathroom large enough for her to hang out in? Could a room be closed (a bedroom, with her in it), to give her her own place till she settles in?

    Sending purrs to all!

  7. I hope Fuzzy Tales advice which is excellent, can be done if you are able. Your heart is 24k gold. Love and blessings to you. It will get really will.

  8. I am go glad that you have opened your home to Annie. It will take time but I think it will work out eventually. My daughter recently moved and has two but had been feeding a cat who was always outside because of never having a real home. She took her with her to the new place and is inside as it isn't safe to be outside where they moved.
    They are all females and are learning to get along. Of course Pandora and Otis are very bonded so the third one keeps to herself more.
    She is safe and inside though, and has a real home that's what's most important.

    Hugs and purrs
    to all.

  9. You are wonderful and Annie is so lucky to have you! I hope things settle down soon.

  10. Bless you for taking Annie in. Can you put Annie in a carrier for the moment? At least that way she has a "safe" place to go while everycat adjusts to the new arrangement? Poor everyone. I can imagine how stressful it must be at your home at the moment.

  11. We are so proud of you, Mommy Vicki! You get the hero award! The advice from Fuzzy Tails, and the link Mr. Puddy gave you to Katnip Lounge is great. We know here too, as long as our pawrents are calm and easy, most times we are too. But when they get stressed and there is stress feelings in the house, we pick up on them. So, try and relax. It will all be okay.

  12. It's so nice of you that you have taken in this little girl ! It will last a few days before they all find their space and you will see they will get used to each other or at least support each other. It took quiet a while before little Rosie was accepted by the others. Everybody except Arthur hissed at her.

  13. We are so glad that you took Annie in. Can you put the carrier in the room where she is hiding under the bed so that would give her a safe place to be and maybe the litter box close by. Like Fuzzy tales, do you have a bathroom she could hang out it until she gets used to you. We sure hope she calms down and the others get used to her. Take care.

  14. Oh, poor Annie... but how lucky too that she now has a wonderful Forever Home with you. We hope things will calm down soon enough and everyone will get along wonderfully. Shouldn't be long now... Hang on in there, dear Annie!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  15. You are special peole to take this Kitty to love. Perhaps she will come out when it's dark to use her litter pan and eat some food. Good luck to you and the kitty.

  16. Lucy's mom, what a nice thing you did by taking Annie in. We don't understand how her humans could do that either. We hope things calm down between her Lucy and Simba. Maybe you could try a feliway diffuser or two in your apartment. And we know how stressful this is. And kitties pick up on try to stay calm and relaxed (easier said than done, we know!). We are purring for all of you and we are here if you need us.

  17. you're such a good soul
    I have had many issues with multiple cats but always worked out a way to manage
    I'm sure time will help

    I hope things get easier
    you deserve it

  18. How wonderful of you to take Annie!


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