Friday, August 19, 2011

Furry Reflections

Hi Kitties, Doggies and Non-Furry Friends,
Today, I'm in the mirror. I love to hang out here.  Papa thinks I'm always staring at myself in the closet mirror, but really I just like the spot.

This picture is a reflection of Simba in the window.  That chair is outside but Simba is inside.

Simba had a little adventure the other day.  Mama opened the door to get the paper around 9:30.  They then left the house at 11:00 and who was on the porch but Simba!  He was outside for an hour and a half.  He's never done that before. He never even tries to go outside.  Mama and Papa were upset.  They didn't get back until 2:00 and would have had no idea how he got out.  The way he hops around on three legs, he's not exactly stealth.  Mama doesn't understand how she didn't know that he got by her.  Well, fortunately, all was well.  

Head Taps,

Weekend Reflections


  1. Lucy, for some reason all we see are "Luc" in your header photo. Weird!

    Well, if we were as gorgeous as you (and the mom had mirrored doors or a floor-length mirror visible), we'd hang out in front of it too. :-)

    Pretty scary adventure for Simba--more so for your beans, we think! We're glad he's okay, though, no harm done.

  2. That's scary. My mommy has had several bad dreams about me walking out. Here with traffic whizzing by I would not do well at all outside. Thank goodness you're safe Simba. xoxoxox

  3. Glad Simba is OK! Sneaky guy even on three legs!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  4. This reminds me of a story somebody once told me. They had four cats, one of them was black. They had a repairman at their house who was coming and going to his truck for tools and supplies. As the people left for work they asked the repairman to please not leave the door open so the cats would not get out. The repairman was very, very careful not to let any of the cats out. On his last trip from his truck back into the house, there sat the black cat in the front yard. He was horrified and could not figure out how that happened. Picked up the black cat, put him inside, finished up, locked up and left. The people came home to find 5 cats in their house, 2 of them black. They could not figure out how that happened. Turns out the repairman had picked up the neighbor's cat and put him in their house thinking it was their black cat that got out. Have you done a head count since you brought Simba back inside?

  5. Fun reflections for the day! You're a very talented and creative kitty!!


  6. Lovely Lucy, what wonderful pictures of you and of Simba.

    Whew, we're happy that Simba didn't wander off!!!!!!!!


  7. so glad nothing bad happened. did you not see simba out? why did you not call 911 :)

    happy weekend kitties.

    Emma and Buster

  8. Oh, I see "Luc" on your header as well.....

    Thank goodness Simba didn't wander off and smart enough to just stay at the porch. Whew. I would have been upset too.

    You are looking really relaxed lazing in front of the mirror, Lucy. :)

  9. Those are cool shots... I'm gona show them to Winter and Autumn, my cats : they will love them...

  10. Great mirror shots. We love to look in the mirror. We think we have a new friend. Simba, we sure are glad you are all right after escaping for a little while. Hope all of you have a super week end.

  11. We love the shot of Simba in the window - Mom has another blog and we did Weekend Refelctions too.

    Carolina Mts/Cats of wildcat woods

  12. Hi Lucy! We like your reflection in the mirror.

    And that must have been so scary about Simba getting outside like that! Well, at least he didn't go far. Your mom will have to watch him next time the door is opened!

    We hope you all have a good weekend!!

  13. Fortunately Simba's adventure ended well !


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