Friday, July 2, 2010

As the Diet Turns

I'm still on my diet, which isn't different foodies, just more canned, less dry and less overall food intake. 

Note from Papa to Mama this morning. My new diet plan.

There's a new plan that's been implemented.  I was thinking about calling PETA or the ASPCA for help.  I am now being fed at the bottom of the stairs.  I have to go all the way down and then up a full flight of stairs just to have some food. On top of that I have to eat next to their stinky shoes.  Mama's pictures are lousy because not only can you not see ALL the stairs but I have laser eyes.


  1. Oh no Lucy! You poor kitty cat! Maybe you should leave some kibble in their shoes!
    Happy Weekend.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  2. Oh noes, they is making you do the kitteh stairmaster! Nice tutch to throw in stinky shoos for you to luse your appetite. You can tells by the note it do be a conspirassy. Wot will these hoomans think of next? I say this situashun calls for big slimy hairballs horked up into the shoos. You mite want to start a mutiny with Busy Buttons coz I hear she is being shanghai'd into the diet thing too.

  3. LOL poor Lucy!
    I know it is not easy but please do a little effort, I think this idea about the stair can really work, great idea!
    And your laser eyes can help you because they are super laser eyes, and you will got strong and every time you face that way to get your food, you become more slim and gorgeous.Bahhh anyway...I need to say, I love you the way you are!
    purrs and love

  4. Oh NOSE~!!! The blasphemy of it all! We can come catnap you if you'd like!

  5. The cruel! The worst is having to eat next to all those smelly shoes. Inhumane I say. Keep us posted, we may have to break you out of there.

  6. Somethings are hard, Lucy, but you will appreciate it when you are feeling a bit lighter and full of vigor! Ummm...can you talk them into some canned food that tastes like ham? ;)

  7. Oh dear Lucy, looks like they're really serious this time. Hang in there. You'll be so proud when you're all trim again.

  8. You will feel better when you slim down! Happy 4th!

  9. Lucy, This IS People did the same to me, only NO kibbles at all anymore for me!

    Erm, and I lost two pounds. And I have a lot more energy...and my dandruff is gone. But these have NOTHING to do with a diet. De Nada.

    ~Grayce, Lounge Kat

  10. As we say in France: "Il faut souffrir pour être belle!" (you have to suffer to be beautyful). As soon as you will begin to fell the effects of this sport and diet, you'll forget all those bad days. Just remember that if Pop and Mom do that, it's because they love you so much and take good care of you; Be courageous, and you'll be soon beautyful and healthy too!
    Many hugs from us all to encourage you!

  11. Oh, no, Lucy! This really is awful. Bad enough for the diet, but to work for the reduced amount of kibble? Sheesh. We feel for you, sweetie, we really do.

    Human Kim here....Derry is my real kibble-head, he only eats canned because he has to (or go hungry). Both boys are at very high risk for crystal formation, so I've got them down to 1/4 to a scant 3/8 cup kibble per day, which probably is still too much, but it gets split up into 2 or 3 feedings. Plus they get pretty much all the canned they want. Pudgy Derry seems a bit slimmer to me, but that's probably my imagination.

    On the other hand, I wish Annie *would* eat a bit of kibble, just a bit, because she needs to gain a couple of pounds. She has no excess at all should she get sick (goddess forbid, please!), so I'd prefer her to have a bit of padding.

    It's always something, with our fur companions!

  12. Oh come on now Lucy. Buck up dear sweet one. This is good exercise for you. Just think of the benefits...and then while your at it drop a piece of food in the stinky shoes LOL But don't tell mama or papa :) Have a great weekend my friend :)

  13. Hi Lucy's Mama...
    Poor Grayce had two bladder stones removed this past Feb., and the vet wanted to start her on some pricey special diet. We free feed and with 12 cats it's impossible to monitor who eats what. (not to mention the cost!) So I started doing research...and it turns out even the worst canned cat food is better than the best kibble, nutritionally.

    Right now we feed friskies canned and fancy feast canned. I try to avoid anything with rice, grains or glutens. Usually the pate' has less gunk in it than the flakes or chunks or whatever. I'd like to feed a little more premium food but it's so expensive. They do get cooked chicken about once a week, and the ocassional piece of whitefish.

    Grayce was pretty stubborn about giving up kibble. The carbs in kibble can be addictive (like sugar) and kibble is coated with some sort of stinky spray to make it uber-appealing. I had to smash up some kibble and sprinkle it on top of the wet food for about a week, and then tapered off.

    The whole crew has slimmed down a bit, but in Grayce the change has been amazing! She lost about 3-4 ounces a month and she's stable now, and her lifelong dandruffy coat is clean, sleek and shiney.

  14. Pee Ess: The above was from MomKat Trish!

  15. Poor Lucy! Maybe if you pee in those shoes.....?

  16. Oh Dear! So much exercise to get to yours food dish! We hopes that my mom doesn't get any ideas! She sometimes says that I am overweight!

    Your laser eyes are very fierce!

  17. Oh dear Lucy - it will be for long term benefit!
    You'll be fit, healthy and can run, quick like a champion in no time!

  18. My mom thinks its a great idea, if we had stairs in our house she would make me do the same to get a meal for pete's sakes. I guess our parents just really, really love us and want us to live long, healthy lives. However, my mom sneaks milk chocolate and she wants me to go on a diet?? Say hi to Simba for me, hope all is going well. And tell your beans Happy Fourth of July! P.S. I heard my beans talking about going to a cookout tomorrow night, I bet they will eat way tooooo much there.

  19. This is truly horrible. They're forcing you to exercise! That's un-American. o.k., maybe not, but it still stinks.

    Mom says I've gotta start going on more walks and she's cutting back on my cookies.

    We totally need to band together, Lucy, and form a mutiny. CALL PETA!!!!!

  20. I have a few that need to be on diets, but it's really tough for me to keep food from them, because I feel so bad for them. We know how you feel!


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