Friday, October 21, 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins

Today is Friendly Fill-Ins, hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy's Reader!

1. One Halloween, I dressed as _____________________________.
2. My favorite comedian is ______________________________.
3. My scariest Halloween was                                 .
4.                         is my favorite Halloween treat.

 1. One Halloween, I dressed as a black cat. I wore a black leotard. My mom made the ears, whiskers and tail. I was in the 5th grade.
2. My favorite comedian is Lucille Ball.
3. My scariest Halloween was when I saw my first horror movie, Halloween 2, when I was 15 or 16. I never watched horror movies. I remember walking out of the theater into the lobby for a breather and could hear everyone screaming in the theater. It was scary!
4. Snickers are my favorite Halloween treats (but I eat them year round).

Your answers are snooze-worthy, lady


  1. Our answer to #1 is almost identical! And I love your other answers, too! I'm one of those who does enjoy horror movies, though, and I do watch Halloween every year on Halloween night. It's no masterpiece of a movie, but it's a tradition for a me and I do enjoy the thrill of such movies. And I love Snickers, too!

  2. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I bet you were a cute cat. I have never seen a horror movie at the theater, I bet it is extra scary with everyone screaming. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Those are great fill-ins! Our Mom LOVES Snickers, too!

  4. Great answers! My Dad likes Snickers too! Howdy pretty Annie!

  5. Great answers. We don't celebrate halloween, but mommy does like snickers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  6. Oh I see that one sunbeam on your ear dear Annie.
    Oh my I don't like horror movies either, one of my first was THE EXORCIST scared the living you know what out of me!

  7. You are the 2nd one who had a black cat outfit... I am now doubly jealous!

  8. These are great answers. We always love your answers.

  9. Aww, someones a little tired!! Hehe, you gave some great answers! Thank you for sharing this with us :)


  10. 1. Minnie 2. Adams family 3. Last year 4. Chicken wings

  11. MOL! Annie might not have been thrilled with those responses, but we were.

  12. I think that it could be fun to be a black cat. I wouldn't make a good one anymore, but when I was younger, it would have been fun, especially if I could have worn the vivid green color contacts. :)

    I saw Halloween 1 and 2 and they were totally terrifying to me and Michael made prominent reappearances in several health events in my young life. I used to love horror movies, but just can't deal with them anymore. Life in this town is scary enough!

    Lucille Ball was great. :)

    Have a blessed weekend!

  13. Halloween 1 & 2 were classics. The Halloween franchise went downhill from there. Got to love Lucille Ball. Almost every sitcom has done a takeoff on her, especially the candy factory scene. Have a great weekend.

  14. You look very peaceful and content in that picture, Annie :)

  15. waves two ewe annie & food servizz gurl saw de eggz ore cist when her waz round that age N her total lee herz gotta go with that az scarree est moovee like ever ~~~~~

  16. I have been a cat, too...and a bat! I cannot watch horror movies. Yikes. Lucille Ball was very funny. Bless her heart. Hugs!
    Annie at ~McGuffy's Reader~


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