Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday

The lady and I have friends in Nice, France. They sent us a lovely package.
The lady didn't take a good picture of the contents. There's a postcard of Nice in the 1800's with ladies doing their laundry in the sea, a calendar with famous French photographs, a French detective story that Big Guy is reading as he trying to learn French and, most importantly, treats for me!

First, I want to introduce my two French friends. Jim is the older. He was also friends with Lucy. Isn't he handsome?
French kitties are good at relaxing too!
This is Châtaigne (French for Chestnut). Isn't he a cutie? He's orange like me and I think he has a little bit of rascal in him.

They sent me treats called  Whiskas Sticks. They are so yummy!

Très délicieux!

Merci beaucoup, mes amis!


  1. What a lovely present, to be sent from so far away. Those are good friends to have! :-)

  2. you have some nice friends Annie to send you and the lady such a lovely present,xx Speedy

  3. way awesum oh yur friends ta send ewe de goods annie !!! enjoy...due they purrhaps taste like fish !!! :)~~~ happee thurzday two ewe !!

  4. We're all glad you enjoyed !
    Bonne lecture et bon appétit !

    <3 !

  5. What a lovely gift all the way from France !

  6. You sure have some good looking friends and they have good taste in things that taste good!

  7. What a neat gift from far away! It sounds like cats in France get different treats than we do.

  8. What great gifts from your French furiends, Annie!

  9. How very nice of your friends! And we love how you can speak French after eating the Whiskas Sticks! We love seeing all the different things from around the world.

  10. Jim is very handsome with that cute little pink nosie! Châtaigne is one very fluffy kitty!
    Does that treat make you speak French after you eat it? Heehee.

  11. Annie Bear what lovely cadeaux ;) (Mum's trying to be super clever by remembering the French for gift!!!! Sheesh! Such a show off! But I think you have some admirers who can speak the language of love (which is actually Welsh, but am not nit-picking now) ;)


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