Friday, December 20, 2013 Review - Natural Balance Cat Food and Treats

This cute gift box was delivered the other day from It contains three Natural Balance items for Annie to try and review and a 50 cent off coupon.

First, Annie tried the turkey and giblets canned food for breakfast. I held small hope that she would like it since it’s not fish flavored. I was so surprised that she loved it! I am counting her calories because she really needs to lose some weight. The 3 oz can has 100 calories, which is approximately 20 more calories than her usual Fancy Feast. Meat and meat broth make up the first four ingredients. Brown rice is the grain.

The next item she tried is the Platefulls Turkey Chicken & Duck Formula in Gravy. She had the opportunity a few months ago to review this as well. She loved it then and she loves it now. She’s been known to love something the first time and then after I excitedly buy a bunch, decides to snub thereafter. This was a great chance to find out that she really does love this food. This food is grain free.

Lastly, she got the treats, Perfect Bites Salmon Formula. They are one calorie each and salmon is the first ingredient. It’s a rare treat that Annie snubs. She loves these treats but I’m careful to give her just a few. Her love of treats (and other food) is a big reason she’s now on a diet.
"Everything was so yummy. I'm now ready for a nice nap with a full belly. Thanks, Chewy, for sending me this food to try for my honest review."


  1. Oh Annie Bear that last picture of you is just beautifmuss!!!!!

  2. You are a wonderful taste tester sweet Annie!

  3. It's Christmas before Christmas , Annie!
    You're so cute in that last picture, a real movie star! :o)

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all !

  4. Grrreat that you liked both the food and treats :)
    You look furry cute in the picture , Annie !

  5. What a great review, Annie. We like the Natural Balance foods too.

  6. What a lovely review Annie! Those noms sound very tasty. Hope your diet goes well!

  7. Only one calorie per treat? We'd like a HUNDRED of those, please!

  8. looks like you scored there with the nommies,xx Speedy


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