Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day and Thankful Thursday

Happy Boxing Day

Our sweet Grammy and Pappy sent us a package from California with all kinds of goodies. I just knew there would be something in there for me too.

We wanted to share just the cat related items since, this being a cat blog, those are the most interesting (although the lady insists the chocolate is pretty interesting too).
Here's a close-up:
Isn't the pillow cute?
We are so blessed to have family that sent us such thoughtful gifts at Christmastime.

Next Thursday, I will share the gift my peeps got me. I'm so excited about it!

Here I am with the silvervine wrapper that our dear friends from Furries of Whisppy sent us. The lady had to use the silvervine to get me in the box in the first picture above. I love silvervine!


  1. Your Grammy and Pappy are so thoughtful to send you those gifts! Will you be claiming the pillow for yourself, Annie? :)
    We giggled when we saw those pictures of you playing with the silvervine wrapper. So cute! It makes us really happy to see you enjoy the silvervine. xox

  2. Its so nice they remembered to send you some cool presents, Annie! We love silvervine too, ours is pretty old, so maybe Santa will bring us some next year.

  3. WOW Annie, you sure are having some fun!

  4. great gifts from your family Annie,xx Speedy

  5. That silvervine is da bomb, isn't it, Annie? We hafta be careful that we don't overdo it when we get it. Those are great presents that you got from your g'ma and g'pa. :)

  6. That's a cute pillow. We haven't tried silvervine yet, but hope to soon. You sure make it look like it's a lot of fun!

  7. I absolutely Love this pillow!
    J.and C. send their best wishes to you , dear Annie,lots of good food, of tenderness and comfort to you all the year long!

    A sweet postcard arrived today , thanks and hugs to the senders! <3

  8. Oh Annie Bear those are fabulous Catmus gifts!!! We can see how happy HAPPY you are with the silvervine!

  9. Ooo how cool Annie! I do love chocolate, so I might have to agree with your human that it's pretty interesting :)

  10. Annie Bear you are just like me for boxes!! MOL But they look like cool gifts! :) xox


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