Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cat Toys Review!

There's a wand toy too which is below

We were contacted by the nice people at The Natural Pet Company to review their cat toys. This was super exciting for me because I love to play! They sent me their Megapack, which includes an interactive wand toy called a dangler, three wicker balls and a sisal rattle mousie.

All the toys are eco-friendly. I like to rub on the wicker balls. They each have a jingle bell inside and ribbons safely tied to them. I love to hear the bell jingle. I enjoy chewing on the tail of the sisal mouse and he rattles. I think kitties who enjoy balls and mousies will really like these because even I, a discerning kitty, enjoy them. The funnest toy for me, however, is the wand toy.

Side note: the lady loves my hammy thigh
I love chasing this mousie with his feather tail. I spent the longest time playing with this one, but I've always liked interactive wand toys the best.
Fun, fun, fun
These toys are high quality and should last a long time. That's been an issue with other toys I've played with in the past.

Thank you so much, Natural Pet Company, for sending these! It was an honor to review your fun toys! These are all my very own opinions. Remember, I'm an independent little cuss!


  1. Those look like some fun toys! I just bought some wicker balls like the ones you got, only mine didn't have the ribbons. Nice review Annie, I bet after all that hard work you need a nap!

  2. I had so much fun watching you have fun pretty Annie! That was a great review!

  3. Annie we loved the photos of you playing with those toys. And our Momma loves the hammy thighs too. Abby had hammy things and she was like a little mutton chop! So we understand.


  4. Annie, you make them look like loads of fun!
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Annie Bear I love you in the last picture!!! You sure were having fun x0x

  6. Tu en as de super joujoux !
    Tu es très drôle et tu me donnes le sourire !
    Bisous et caresses

  7. Those really look like fun toys, Annie! You're sure giving that wand toy a work out! Good review!

  8. Look at you go with that wand toy! That looks like a lot of fun :)

  9. annie...thiz bee a grate ree view..... but yur actshunz shot ROCK !!!!!! glad ya finded sum way kewl toys, de sissy sissal mouze will never noe what got him !!

  10. Annie, we are so glad they sent you toys and you enjoyed the so much. You really deserve them!

  11. Thanks for the review! My Anni is checking them out and deciding which one she would like. :)

  12. First, the pics are terrific! Great action shots and I envy the photo clarity.

    Second, WOW, that's a toy bonanza, Annie Bear! We're all super-impressed and think it's awesome you're enjoying them, especially the wand toy. We do suggest picking the noisiest toy, though, and going h*ll bent for leather with it at say, oh, 2AM or so--every day! Your humans will be thrilled that you're having so much fun! :-D

    -Nicki, Derry and the human typist too

  13. Awwwwwwwwww we so love these pics - especially the one with the thigh kicking action! LOL! Adorable!!! Take care


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