Friday, March 4, 2011

Stylish Fur Coats and Awesome Blog

Do you love fur coats?  I mean fur coats belonging to kitties (and other anipals) of course.

How about the tattercoat look?

Care for a creamsicle fur coat?
Isn't it appropriate that the resident fruit loop is surrounded by fruit?

We want to thank Clarissa and company at Clarissa's House of Cats for this award!
I am supposed to share seven things about me. Since I’ve been sharing a lot of tidbits about me lately, this will be a little bit about all of us.
  1. Simba is a thrill seeker.  Every once in a great while Papa will do the “Ali Baba” with him.  It’s like a magic carpet that goes around the house.  Simba loves it, but I want no part of it.
  2. Mama is a book worm. Her favorite books are mysteries that have cats in them but dogs will do too.
  3. Simba is a very messy eater.
  4. I love marshmallows.  I’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth repeating.
  5. I’m very, very clean. Simba….not so much.  He bathes about once a week, whether he needs it or not (and trust me, he needs it).
  6. I  love, love, love sunbeams.
  7. Mama loves, loves, loves chocolate.
Since all our friends have awesome blogs, please feel free to pick this up and share about yourself.


  1. Congratulations on the award, Lucy! We think the marshmallow thing is...strange. Unique. :-)

    And the mom says a resounding YES! to #7!

    Happy weekend to you all.

    -Nicki and Derry

  2. Congrats on that nice award Lucy. What fun to learn things about you. We love to read mysteries too and especially like to eat chocolate. Hope all of you have a fun week end.

  3. Hi Lucy,
    Congratulations on your award.
    One thing about our fur coats...they never go out of style and they always fit perfectly!
    Hope you and Simba have a wonderful weekend.
    ♥ Lucy (Woof!)

  4. Hi Lucy...again!
    Actually that was two things about fur coats, BOL!
    Bet you didn't know doggies could count!
    ♥ Lucy (Woof!)

  5. Hey Lucy, I'm enchanted by your lovely answers, I also love chocolate, as your mommy!
    Congratulations for so cute award!
    and happy weekend,
    Luna - WE love Luna

  6. I love sunbeams and chocolate too so I would fit right in
    Iza is very messy and it annoys Siren a lot

  7. Congratulations--you certainly deserve it Lucy!

  8. Congratulations on the award, Lucy!
    I'm very enjoys your 7 things but seriously ! I and Simba have the same cleaning style ! oh well..we are boys : )

  9. We're curious about the magic carpet!

  10. Lucy, we love your and Simba's fur coats!! They look very luscious!! We like that word...luscious!!

    And congrats on your award. Ernie is the messy eater around here!

  11. Lucy what a nice award... calling Simba a Fruit Loop? Very funny! We ♥ Simba too! Your fur coats are lovely!

  12. A deserved award! congrats!
    Chocolate: Ok
    Mysteries: ok
    sunbeams: ok
    kitties furs: ok
    Well I could almost write the same things about us here!
    Even for that "Ali baba game", favorite thing for Chestnut, except that he does it with the linen basket!

  13. Hi sweet Lucy
    Congratulations my dear with your well deserved award :-)
    I loved your answers
    and my Mommy is addicted from chocolate ;)

    Have a nice week-end
    hugs and a big cuddle
    Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<
    Anya :)

  14. I loved reading your 7 things. You and I are a LT alike!!!


  15. Congratulations on the award!

    Hey! Those are some really interesting things! Ali Baba! Hmmm! I thinks I would have a cow! My mom loves mysteries and chocolates too! You and Simba are real cute in your pictures!

  16. ConCats on your award~!!! We think your fur coats are lovely and King is digging the Tattercoat look on you, Lucy!

  17. Congrats to you on the award! I must say that its been pretty boring around here lately, winter just won't go away and I want to get out and play in the brook. I cannot now as its full of ice. My mom gave me a bath a couple of weeks ago and she told me that soon I could get into the brook, I think she just said that so I could get into the darn tub. I don't like nice, warm baths...let me have fun in the mud and finding sticks.

  18. Congratulation on the award, it is really well deserved. Love the pictures. Simba is such a pretty color. I have always loved yellow, orange cats. I had orangey cream cats when I was little. I named every one of them Buffy. All my Buffys ran away.
    We think the Tattercoat is just perfect Lucy.

  19. That was fun!

    Thank you for coming to our birthday commentathon! It was fun.

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  20. Beautiful Lucy and handsome Simba, we loved learning more about you today....and kudos for winning the award.

    Mama found out that our new sister is an older cat....mama thought she was still a kitten!!!! Shelly was so nervous the vet didn't look at her teeth when she was admitted, but said he would later when she was more relaxed, cuz then he could tell how old she is. Thanks for purring for her today.



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