Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adopt the Internet Day

Yesterday, we posted about Petfinder's Adopt the Internet Day.  Here are two kitties, out of many animals, that need homes.

This is Sweetie.
She looks a little like Simba
Sweetie, a 2-year-old spayed female, is truly a sweet girl that will make a wonderful companion for the right family. She is a special cat with definite likes and dislikes, which limits her options of being adopted easily. The perfect home for her would be a quiet home with no children. In a home setting she will tolerate gentle children, but will run and hide when they become loud or are running about. Caged at the shelter, she feels trapped and has been known to hiss and swat at them. She has not used her claws, even when being poked at by kids, but definitely sends out warnings. She LOVES older people, and in a home will follow you from room to room wanting to be part of everything you do. She will come over and rub against you for attention and especially likes her head messaged and scratched. She also enjoys the nice warm lap of a human to snuggle down on for an afternoon or evening nap. Being a very intelligent kitty, she has also figured out that men seem to usually have larger laps which are her favorite. As much as she adores attention and being brushed, she does not like to have your face right up in hers, so kissing is out of the question. She also does not appreciate being held in your arms for long periods of time. Sweetie wants to be close to you, and loves the touch of a hand that starts out at her head and goes all the way to the end of her shorter than average length tail, which is simply just too cute! This always gets her purr motor going as she starts to circle in contentment. She is very playful and goes crazy chasing a laser light, but her favorite toys that do not involve the help of a human are simple. Her first love is twirling ink pens, second on her favorites list is hiding in or resting on top of paper bags and cardboard boxes especially if they have a small toy in them, and her third preference would be the large plastic circle toys that have a ball in them for cats to bat at. Sweetie enjoys the company of dogs once she has had some time to get to know them, and we have even caught her cleaning them. As far as getting along with other cats, she has lived in harmony with six other cats in a large house, but does insist on being the queen bee. Note: The chaos of shelter life is a bit too much for Sweetie, so she is currently staying in a foster home. If you would like to meet her, a shelter visit can easily be arranged by calling the front desk at (715) 839-4747.

This is Valentine.
 Hi. My name is Valentine! See my info below and e-mail loveallcats3@hotmail.com if you think I could be yours : ).

Looking for love? Well, look no further! My name is Valentine because I have a heart shape on my side, and because I love people! I'm happiest when sitting in the lap of my favorite person, and I'm mellow and laid-back. I like to spend my days gazing out the window and watching the world go by. I'd love a cozy home in which to spend my life!

I am really hoping that these kitties get forever and ever homes very soon!


  1. We hope they find forever homes soon, too, Lucy. Sweetie, especially, because she seems to be more difficult to place.

    And we, too, are participating in Adopt the Internet Day. We both were adopted from the same shelter and they list all their kitties on PetFinder, as so many shelters do.

    -Nicki and Derry

  2. Lucy, we hope those two cuties find furever homes real soon too!!

    We are participating in Adopt the Internet Day!!

  3. I hope that those lovelies will find a good home soon, they deserve it!
    You, Lucy, seem to enjoy the return of sun!

  4. We are purraying that they will quickly find wonderfully loving forever homes.

    xxxxxxxxxx to you gorgeous Lucy.

  5. Oh my we love the looks of Sweetie. She looks like such a nice kitty. Maybe Sweetie would be all right with kids if she had a safe place to go when they were being kids. We hope they both find their forever homes really soon.

  6. We'd tweet but we're not sure what country these cats are in.

  7. Me too Lucy. Wish we could adopt all the cats and dogs that don't happy loving homes!


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