Friday, January 21, 2011

A Whole Bunch of Stuff

It's been another crazy week at Chez Lucy.  One day this week Mama was in her PJs all day (she works from home).  She didn't even have time to get dressed!  Needless to say I kept my distance.  (She tells all kinds of personal information about me, so it's my turn to dish about her. Hee hee.)

Simba has just been hanging out.

He loves to be rocked when he's on the chair. He'll meow very loudly at anyone who goes by to rock him and to not stop.  He's our resident fruit loop.

Now, on to the good stuff.  I wanted to let you know the winner of the book (see last post) plus a few other goodies we're going to throw in.  There were just five people who said they were interested in the book.  We used a very scientific process to pick the winner.  Mama asked Papa to pick a number between one and five.  The winner is Malyss of Chronicles from the Shore!  She lives in Nice, France and has two cute cats, Jim and Chestnut.  I really wanted everyone to win, but we only have one book, darn-it. 

I have even more news.  Mama is leaving us--all of us!  She's going to visit her Mama and Papa in California for a whole week!  She's leaving this Sunday.  Papa is staying home to take care of us.  I overheard that he won't be giving us Fancy Feast.  Sigh.  I already miss Mama.

We've been thinking about our dear friend, Annie, a lot.  She's at the hospital and her mom is missing her a lot. We really hope that she'll be able to come home very soon and not need surgery.  We adore Annie and want her home and healthy!  We're praying for you, Annie!
 Sammy and Andy's mom made this beautiful picture.

Bye for now!


  1. Those pics of Simba over the chair are superb -- and funny!

    Concats to the winner of the book!

    We're sorry your mom is leaving for a week, Lucy. Are you sure your dad can't be persuaded via tooth or claw to give you Fancy Feast while she's gone?

    And thank you (to everyone) for the continued support for Annie (and the mom). The mom is over-tired and over-stressed and feeling really discouraged this morning, thinking Annie probably will have to stay the whole weekend. So she appreciates all the positive energy being sent to Annie (and to her).

  2. Lucky Malyss!How cool!
    I loved Simba poses today, he looks so comfortable in that special chair!
    And I'm sending love and good energies for your mommy, a good trip with the blessings in family.
    I will be here thinking of you sweet Lucy and I'm sure your dad will take good care of you all!
    purrs and lots of love
    Luna - We love Luna and hugs from mommy Léia

  3. Oh Sweet Lucy~!! We have so missed you (KING especially). We're glad to hear you're all doing wel and sorry your momy is leaving for a bit. You can come have Fancy Feast at OUR house!!!

  4. We'll keep Annie in our thoughts today. I hate to hear of sick cats. I hope she gets better very quickly. Lovely photos...very funny!

  5. HEY!!!!Jim, Chestnut and me are so glad to have won!Thank you so much!!We'll spend good times reading this book all together gathered on a chair, and be thinking of your kindness!

    I LOVE Simba's photos!Vivid picture of absolute happiness and trust!:)

    We're sending thoughts from our hearts to Annie, hoping everything will be alright.

    And we're wishing a nice trip to Vicky, she'll surely enjoy to find sun after those last weeks!AND, we wish a lot of courage to the Dad, who will have to take care ALONE of the two stars! :)

    Blessings to all of you!

  6. That's a lot of news - hope your mom has a great time!

  7. NO WAY!! How could your Mom leave you AGAIN?? Like didn't she and your Dad just leave you about 10 minutes ago when they went to France?? Helllooooo?? I think you could almost call their coming and goings 'abandonment'....yep...and I think it is considered 'cruelty to animals' that you won't get Fancy Feast AND that your Mom is going away for a WHOLE WEEK. I think everyone here will agree with me when they say action must be taken: furniture damage either by claw or by, well, I think you get my drift...ahem. You go girl! As for your book winner, I think Malyss will love it. She is a true bookie so she, Chestnut and Jim will have a great read. That was so nice of you to give that away! I think we will have to do a give away, too (but we'll wait until your Mom gets back from CA). Tell your Mamma to have a wonderful time (but make sure you look at her with really, really forlorn faces so that she won't have too good of a time and forget about her furkids - as if she could, right??!) and to bring you some good fresh Pacific fish back with her JUST FOR YOU. Giving her an ultimatum might improve your chances of getting her to do it. So, you two, (BTW, love those shots of Simba!!) make a plan of action as to how you are going to coerce your Dad into giving you everything that you want and DON'T BACK DOWN. Seriously!! Hang in there and demand the best and nothing less. Dad will cave in and you will have him eating off of your paws...really!! You'll see!! Purrs, Lautrec, Tiny and EllwoodDaGoof

  8. I will pray for sweet Annie too! Hope your Moma has a safe trip and a good week with her folks. Too fun, that Simba buddy of yours. James, be nice - dole out the Fancy Feast to Lucy and Simba, you know you want to. ;)

    You are pretty busy there!

  9. Adorable shots! The hanging out is something I can relate to w/ my 3 cats! =)

  10. Thanks Lucy for sharing some pictures of Simba. I enjoy looking at both of you.

  11. MOL...I love your last photo, Simba Funny
    and Congratulation to Chronicles from the Shore for the book : )

    I went to see Annie this morning. and I agree with you she need more purrs from all of us !

  12. Hi Lucy!! We're so sorry that your mom is leaving you!! We don't understand why your papa won't give you Fancy need your Fancy Feast!!

    We love those pictures of Simba!! He sure is a handsome fruit loop!!

  13. Lucy, your Mom spent the entire day in her jammies? hahahahaha!!! Our Mommy does too...we like sitting in her flannel lap at any time of day.
    Simba cracked us up! He's off his rocker, NOT!
    We hope you survive your week of can always come visit us and eat. We have stinky goodness out all the time.

  14. Hi Lucy!
    Simba's pictures made me BOL! I never saw a kitty sleep like that!
    I hope you Mama has a safe and fun trip and that you won't miss her too much.
    Congratulations to Malyss.
    Have a great weekend!
    ♥ Lucy (Woof!)

  15. Excellent gossip piece. You know in Holland people say that cats spread gossip. You are obviously part Dutch - like me!

  16. You both looks so good in your pictures! Simba is so cute on the back of that chair!

    Congradulations to the winner of the book!

    We hope that your mom comes back safe and sound and that the week goes quickly! What part of the bay area did your mom and dad used to live? We will be thinking about you while your mom is here in CA!

  17. I love the photo's of Simba too :)
    Don't worry just use your sad face on Dad :(
    We will be praying for Annie; the poor thing and her mama too...

  18. simba does look a bit fruit loopy, he's adorable
    I hope Annie gets better very soon

    hugs Lucy
    you're a good girl

  19. Lovely photos today. What on earth is Simba doing??? Silly feline. We'll pray for Annie.

  20. I love those pictures. Simba you are cute!!! Of course you are beautiful Lucy. We hope mama is having a great time in CA.


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