Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lucy's Snapshots

The color of the day is pink!


  1. Pretty in pink.. and in all other colors!
    Chewy became Chestnut.. but did not meet Jim yet, I will see the veterinary only on next monday (they were all in holidays..). But he already seem to feel much better than when he arrived.
    i wish you a very happy new year, a lot of hugs to share between the cats, and a lot of friendly thoughts for you and James!

  2. Happy New Year Lucy! Glad you love being in a pinky mood!

  3. What sweet pictures.

    Happy New Year to everybuddy at your house.

  4. Hi Lucy,
    Pink is so you!
    Keep warm.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  5. Even tho you is a kitteh and me a dawg, in that furst pikshur you look just like me when I put my ears to the sides like that.

    Tell your mom peeples don't has to have all of that hiking gears (and that woz just her feet part) but without it you get wet, cold and miserable and then don't want to hike in the winter any more. We want to keep mom dry, warm and happy so she keeps taking me hiking in the snows!

  6. Oh Lucy, is this your portfolio?? Are you looking for fame and fortune on the big screen perhaps? You are certainly pretty in pink. Its snowing here AGAIN and I can just tell my beans are gonna take off snowshoeing this afternoon, I am hoping that they will leave me behind as its most comfy here in the chair in the window. Probably no such luck.

  7. Lucy, you look gorgeous all snuggled up in your pretty pink blankies. It is definitely one of your best colors.

  8. Hello sweet Lucy!
    Girl, I miss you so much! You are great my dear friend!Adorable pictures!
    The first one is my favourite!Mommy Vicki is also very talented!
    I think you are a great model!
    purrs and love

  9. Pretty as always!

    (Brr, you need to be bundled up in that blanket today!)

  10. Hi My Lucy
    I love your first photo
    Its my favorite !!!
    You are looking there so SWEET :-)
    My Mommy favorite color is also pink
    You are very lovely today !!
    Send you many love
    Kareltje =^.^=
    (Maybe you can send me some warmmm air
    its again snowing here and so cold :(

  11. Happy New Year, to you Lucy, Bucky and Simba! You are so pink in love?

    From my family to yours, Vicki and James, Happy New Year, and may the year brings us good health and more time in photography and blogging!


  12. Peanuts heart is going pitter patter, pitter patter, skipping beats here and there again. He said to tell Lucy he is bedazzled by her pictures. He sends an extra big load of kisses. Marshmellow just clears his throat rolls his eyes and shakes his head at Peanut before he goes off to take a nap.
    From your friends at
    Boo-Bahs Little Sunshines

  13. Nobody does pink like you, Lucy! I bet if you look up Lucy in the dictionary it will say PINK!

    Happy First Week of the Year!
    (Glogirly's cat

  14. Pretty in pink indeed! Happy New Year to all of you!


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