Thursday, January 28, 2010

Say Ello to My Leetle Friend

This title is Mama's goofy attempt to sound like Al Pacino from the movie Scarface. This isn't about Al though. This is about my little friend, my ball.

Simba likes to watch the ball too.

Think fast!


  1. Dear Lucy, you are good with this ball, looks funny and it's beautiful and coloured!
    I would like to play with you and your ball.Also I see a cute mouse with Simba.
    He is charming, isn't he?
    Lucky girl!

  2. What a pretty ball! Love the last shot of you throwing the ball. You looked a bit tired in the second photo to be playing, but you got into the spirit.

  3. Simba looking at this ball has the same look than my Jim looking at Chestnut!..
    (Things between the two don't go well yet and I a little desperate!)
    But it seems that Lucy enjoys the toy you bought this time!

  4. WOW Lucy! You got some throwing paw on ya! And ya know what?!? We have THE SAME ball!!! YAY! We could have lots of fun playing together! And mom LOL's at Simba's face. He's got quite the expression on it!

  5. Pretty ball. Kovu is not big on balls - he would rather play with hair elastics, pipe cleaners and the plastic film from around Starbucks bottles! Silly boy!

    Have a good day - not ENOUGH snow!

  6. WOW, good job with tossing your ball, Lucy!
    I like Simba's face too... he looks very cute :)

  7. Brilliant Lucy, just like the look on Simba's face aswell. Think she was going to pounce at anytime. You really are quick! Think you both enjoyed your ball!

  8. Hi my sweetheart
    I have the same ball :-)
    I play very often with it ...
    Nice to see you playing
    we are (older) cats and we must play
    many times also for us (weight... LOL)
    Have a lovely day
    and enjoy with your boys & toys !!
    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  9. Hi Lucy,
    You sure look like you're having a fun time. Did you throw the ball to your Mama, or was she dropping it on you? Ha-ha!
    Simba looks very cute with Ratsie!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  10. What a great action shot, Lucy! We love playing with our jingle balls and most of the time, we can throw them pretty well.

    Have a nice weekend,
    Charlemagne and Tamar

  11. Haha! Lucy, that was fun!! We have a leetle friend just like yours!!

  12. Oh, Lucy, you are so good with your toys, this ball and your ratsie. Twylah does not like to play with any, she likes to be pet and cuddled. But she likes to ride in our car and sits in the back without any harness.

    Vickie, the photo was taken on north Fair Oaks Avenue x Mountain, from the nursing home that Zee works. Across is the mortuary, and I forgot its name. I will be posting for James WR more about Pasadena.

  13. Peanut here, Lucy if you gets anymore beautiful, I goe's crazy. Me wishes my paws were big and fast enough for me to make a quick visit to you. Of course I would have to hightail it back here by morning when my breakfast is served.I be pretty hungry after the long trip! Me think your ball is nice. I wish I could play with you.

    Kisses just for you
    from Peanut


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